Texting For Success

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I try to limit my use of press releases in posts, reasoning that you probably don’t want to sift through a ton of them on this blog. Sometimes, though, there’s a clear benefit to small business that makes it well worth it.

This is one of those times. ComputerWorld reports that SMS messaging company Clickatell is expanding its services when an eye on small-to-mid-sized businesses, and the benefits are said to be myriad.

Let’s start with a definition of SMS. Essentially it’s your garden variety text message with a 160 character limit, something that gives it shades of Twitter. The messages can also be sent from any compatible browser, a list of which you’ll find at Clickatell, and can go out to phones or mobile devices instantly.

What’s the benefit of using it? CEO Pieter de Villiers, whose name sounds like a James Bond villain to these ears, says it can be used to reach clients of small medical offices and the like notify them about changes to scheduled appointments and other issues, and users are less likely to ignore a text message than an e-mail.

SMS is an ideal way to get an urgent 160-character message to an individual or group, because users don’t tend to ignore a text message on a phone as they might an e-mail or a posting on a Facebook wall, de Villiers said. Part of the reason is that users can quickly access a text message instead of needing to open e-mail or a social networking application after booting a computer, he added.

The price reduction can bring the price as low as $25 per month  for 1,000 text messages, a pretty good deal for a small business that needs to get an urgent message out.

Would you use this service? Let us know.


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