Larry Jacobs Testimonial

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“I love dealing with [Direct Capital] probably more than anybody else. They are so competent and they work so hard. I really feel they give every deal of mine 100% effort. They will fight for me; they will go back and negotiate for me. I depend upon the representatives I deal with to be my voice, and I know that Britni and Kyle are doing just that.”

These are the words of Larry Jacobs, founder and owner of Action Auto Mart Inc. He’s been working with Direct Capital since April of 2016 but his experience with financing stretches back decades.

A self-proclaimed ‘old fashioned New Yorker,’ Jacobs got his start as many successful entrepreneurs do: by following in his father’s footsteps.

His story began at his dad’s used car lot in the early 70’s. Jacobs shifted into a brief stint selling new cars in the early 1980’s, which led to a move into the car leasing business. He spent a few years learning the ropes before opening his very own business leasing cars, though changing laws and financing landscapes quickly turned this enterprise on its head.  Refusing to give up, Jacobs instead set his focus on leasing buses. It was there that he carved out his own successful niche.

With such a rich business background, it’s no surprise that Jacobs had to quickly and thoroughly learn the ins and outs of financing. After many years of dealing with recourse lines of credit, Jacobs made the decision to finance exclusively through banks.

Over the years, he says, he’s had “forty, fifty, sixty different banks, because I’m always looking for better and better banks. Not only ones that will give me lower rates, but banks that will approve my customers. Because it doesn’t matter what your rate is if you’re going to turn everyone down; I need approvals!”

Since beginning a relationship with Direct Capital, Jacobs has trusted us to fund over $1 million for his customers.  Such a figure underscores how thoroughly Jacobs knows business. As a financing expert with decades of experience working alongside so many banks, what exactly is it that, in Jacobs’ opinion, sets Direct Capital apart?

“The people.”

More specifically, his two representatives – Britni Maine, Lending Solutions Manager, and Kyle Twombley, Strategic Account Manager.

“I love Britni. I love Kyle. I know they’re back there fighting for me. Everything that has to be addressed, they address. Britni and Kyle are jumping through hoops for me, and I appreciate that. I can’t tell you how much. I appreciate that more than giving me a low rate of interest. I appreciate that more than anything else. That’s why I give [Direct Capital] more and more [of my business].”

Direct Capital has long prided itself on having a unique company culture and a diverse, dynamic team at its helm. Each day, we try to embody our core values. As Jacobs pointed out, employees like Britni and Kyle truly exemplify Seeking Change, Crushing Obstacles, and Making Every Customer Experience Remarkable.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Larry Jacobs, a businessman who speaks of his business with pride and passion, says it best:

“Direct Capital is becoming my go-to bank, because whenever I get a deal now the first thing I say is, ‘is this a good fit for Direct Capital?’ You’re always the one I want to give it to first. Because of Kyle and Britni.”