Direct Capital Reviews: Aaron Equipment Company

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“Direct Capital Was the Difference Between Our Customers Buying or Not”

When you’re running of a business, you want to limit obstacles and make the buying process effortless. Here at Direct Capital, we have the same goal. We want to help your customers get financing for the equipment they need when they need it.

Take Alan’s story for example: Alan Cohen, the CEO of Aaron Equipment Company, Inc. based in Bensenville, IL. Aaron Equipment Company is the largest dealer of new and used process and packaging equipment, catering specifically to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and beverage industries. Most of his customers need some form of financing to buy his products.

Initially, Alan wasn’t a proponent of financing because he believed it was complicated, slow, and expensive.  However, when he discovered Direct Capital’s solution– which is simple, efficient, transparent, and technologically driven – he realized this was exactly what he needed. It was a program that worked for Alan’s customers, and that’s something he especially enjoyed.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It – See What Alan had to Say

“Financing helped us grow our business because it became the source of money for customers to be able to transact with us. Direct Capital became the difference between being able to buy from us our not.”

He continued, “A key component of this is having an online application process that allowed our customers to get the information in a single touch point. It provided an objective third party that could explain why they were approved or why they weren’t and what they could do to change their circumstances.”

We take pride in the ease of the entire financing process and were glad we could make it as seamless as possible for Alan and his customers. In addition to understanding his customer’s needs, Alan also said Direct Capital really understood the needs the needs of his business and the industry as a whole.

“It took years to develop that institutional knowledge,” he said, “And I can’t imagine starting over with somebody else. That’s really the truth.”

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