Ten Things I Blog About You: The Intersection Of Dating And Social Media

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Basically, Intuit broke down five do’s and don’t’s of online marketing by comparing them to tried-and-true dating tropes. The result is definitely useful, if a little bit awkward when you start picturing your customers in wedding dresses. Try not to do that.

Here’s a quick rundown of the three points I found most helpful:

  1. Don’t misrepresent yourself. Sage advice for any business. If you’re Tweeting to customers and looking to impress them, don’t do so at the expense of your integrity. Like the guy who brags about having a Ferrari and pulls up on a Vespa to pick up his date, the truth will catch up with you and it will not end pleasantly for you. You have got to be a real person online, when information can shred your false front in minutes flat.
  2. Be willing to experiment. We’ve all had bad relationships. The important thing is not to let them define us, and that lessons carries over to social media. Not everything you do will be perfect and win you hundreds of adoring fans. Like a clumsy phoenix, sometimes you’ve got to crash and burn pretty hard before you can rise back up. Just learn your lessons and keep trying new things and you’ll hit on what works.
  3. Have fun. Don’t be the guy droning on about business financing at a party while everyone else desperately edges away from you. I can’t possibly emphasize enough how important it is to like what you’re doing and to engage in a way that’s compelling. If you have to mix in some of your own personal interests to do so—within reason—then do it. Nobody reads a boring blog or Twitter account, and you’re dooming yourself if you can’t muster up a little excitement.

Let us know what you think about the article and your favorite advice from it. The comments await.


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