Ten Franchise Trends In A December 15 Franchise News Collection

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Courtesy of BizEngine, here’s our weekly wrapup of franchise news!

Ten Franchise Fields Ready To Grow

If you’re looking to jump  in to the world of franchise in the coming year, or if you just want to know if your particular slice of the world is going to take off like a rocket, Entrepreneur has the answer.

Some of these segments are familiar. Take burgers, which seem to grow no matter what the economy is doing, and are buoyed by the rise of so-called gourmet burgers like Burger King’s cheddar jalapeno. That’s a reliable one.

Child care franchises are also growing. As unemployment numbers slowly erode, more and more parents are getting back to work and need someone reliable to take care of their kids for them while they make up ground. While it’s hardly a fledgling industry, it is one that has considerable room for expansion.

Be sure to check out the full list for more and weigh in with what you think will be hot in the world of franchise come 2012. Personally, I’m banking heavily on child care.

Pass On The Salt, Please

If there’s one simple truth about chains, it’s this: Their food is delicious. Salt is often a big reason why.

It’s a well-known truism that salt enhances flavor, which is why so many foods these days pack a dollop or two of it. With health concerns rising—salt is a leading cause of high blood pressure and can have a lot of adverse health effects if consumed in large quantities—the chains are trying to figure out how to save the flavor while cutting down on the sodium.

“We support the dietary guidelines, and we want to help consumers meet them,” the NRA’s McGlockton says. “We’re not in favor of any sort of mandate or compulsory requirements, but the industry is sensitive to what diners want.”

The National Restaurant Association is roughly on board, and in the article I’ve linked above there’s a lot of talk about being able to reduce salt content by 20 percent without decreasing flavor. That’s a smart way to move ahead, at least initially, and it balances health concerns with the ability of restaurants to put out tasty, desirable food.

Predictably, the Salt Institute springs to the industry’s defense, all but calling any reduction a witch hunt. But I can’t help but think that chains which have started this process are doing almost everyone a favor by creating healthier menu items and saving themselves just a little bit of cash on sodium.

Your thoughts on salt?

Banks Still Sticking It To Business

Small-time debit card transactions are now bad news for small businesses and franchises, who are paying out more to banks as they try to recoup money lost from slashed debit card fees. We’ve got a lot more here.

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