Direct Capital Predicts The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Predictions from Direct Capital
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Today, we asked the many hard-working employees of Direct Capital to share their Super Bowl predictions for Sunday’s big game between the Giants and Patriots, which we’ve listed below. You will not be surprised to learn that many are rabid Patriots fans.

The Pats Picks

Marcus Newbery: 31-21
Michael Sack: 31-17
Nicholas Lewis: 35-7
Mario Ponte: 28-24
Matt Picard: 24-17, RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis w/ 2 touchdowns
Mike Child: 27-21, QB Tom Brady MVP and one wardrobe malfunction for Madonna
Ben Wendt: 31-27
James Phelps: 23-20
William Beltre: 45-10
Robin Franks: 24-21, coin toss will be heads, QB Eli Manning sacked at least three times
Ed O’ Donnell: 35-31
Hillary Perron: 37-33, TE Rob Gronkowski MVP
Matt Goyette: 31-13, Gronk with 2 touchdowns
Joseph Hennigar: 37-24
Eric Meffert: 35-31, WR/CB Julian Edelman with a defensive turnover
Daniel Brittan: 31-24, Brady MVP
Melissa Whiteman: 38-31
Mike Willerer: 34-30, Giants win coin toss and up 20-13 at half
Josh Rasch: 27-24
James Thompson: 31-17, WRs Chad Ochocinco and Deion Branch with TDs, Green-Ellis and Brady each run one in
Marc Williams: 24-17
Karen Gearwar: 37-35
Jason Gallison: 27-24, game-winning field goal in overtime, Eli Manning left in tears
Charles Malcolm: 31-24
Robert Maciorowski: 31-21, coin toss heads, Gronkowski will play, Madonna will be blonde
Matt Sullivan: 34-30
Dave Choate: 35-27, Brady MVP

The Giants Picks

Jeff McEachern: 31-30
John Donohue: 24-21, WR Victor Cruz MVP
Adam Grupp: 34-17
Casie Paterson: 24-21
Ashley Wise: 34-26

The Other Picks

Benjamin Watts: Da Bearss
Tim Teitsworth: “I think a miracle will happen and Tebow’s Broncos will win”
Elizabeth Luekens: “I predict that I will only pay attention to the commercials”

Share your pick in the comments!

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