Summer Is The Time For New Equipment

Equipment Financing
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Many small businesses depend on seasonality. If you’re running a popular eatery, a landscaping business or any business at all within a two mile radius of a body of water, summer is your busy season.

We beat this drum every year around this time, but April and May are the time to strike and acquire needed equipment upgrades for your small business. That’s not because the rates magically get better this time of year—though Direct Capital has some nice promotions this spring, to use one example—but because the timing is absolutely right.

Good small businesses are upgrading and improving whenever they can, but every small business knows a thing or two about a cash crunch. It can be hard to work with your own cash reserves and get the most important upgrades, but equipment financing can fill in the cash gap for you.

Basically, ask yourself how quickly you need the equipment. If May is your busy season, you probably want the equipment paid for, in your office and up-and-running by the first week of May, at the latest. With a trusted lending partner with a quick turnaround time, it’s still very possible to get moving and make those upgrades. As long as you choose terms that are favorable to you, you should be able to pay for the new equipment with the extra revenue coming in form the summertime rush.

Are you planning summer equipment upgrades?

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