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Innovation happens with lightning speed in the online realm, and it pays to keep up with those changes.

Social Media Examiner runs through a list of 22 new gadgets, widgets, programs and tools that represent the latest and potentially greatest developers have to offer. A lot of it is targeted at making social media even easier to use. Man, we have come a long way since the days of typewriters and snail mail, haven’t we?

Grab your virtual machete and pith hat and join me in the jungles of social media. We’ll take a closer look at a handful of the most intriguing tools from this list.


Even if you’re savvy in the ways of Twitter and Facebook, you probably haven’t done a lot of work with video. Screenr could change that for you.

According to Social Media Examiner, the online service allows you to quickly edit screen-capture videos and get them out online to wherever it’s needed. The whole process takes minutes.

Great for instructional videos, if the hype is to be believed.

Argyle Social/TwentyFeet

Touted as a great way to share Facebook and Twitter and analyze the impact of those shares, Argyle is an excellent tool for a business wanting to get users to specific content and track how many hits that content is getting. If you’re new to the services and want to understand how social networking is helping you, Argyle’s worth a look.

TwentyFeet is just a simple way to aggregate all your data from the Web into one easy-to-monitor location, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or any other site. Again, it’s all about making those numbers easier to access, which anyone can get behind.

Say you put out a link of Twitter that draws a huge number of hits. A few weeks go by and you’ve forgotten the link, but you’d desperately like to make use of it again. What are you to do besides search through your Tweets?

Use, as it turns out. It collects your links and makes them searchable, potentially saving you a lot of time. That’s a precious commodity.


Sick of manually distributing your posts to content aggregators? Tired of misspelling Reddit? OnlyWall can take care of that hassle for you, automatically distributing your posts to 42 social media sites. That will get you eyeballs on your company blog in a hurry.

Do you have social media tools that you think could help your fellow small businesses? Share in the comments.

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