Social Media for your Business: Myth vs. Fact

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Living in the age of selfie sticks and breakfast Instagram posts, is it possible that using social media can drive growth for your business too? Yes, but there are some things you need to look out for.

Although social media is a crucial business tool, it also has the potential to harm your business. Direct Capital is debunking some of these myths and showing you how social media can help.

Myth: Following back my followers is gratifying for them, and helps gain attention for my business.

Fact: It is gratifying to let your followers know you are following them back; however you need to think of how you want to be portrayed. Following back all of your followers can make your page seem more like a follower rather than a speaker.

Myth: I should join the latest social network.

Fact: It’s okay to jump onto every new trend, but you want to get to know what that trend is all about first. There’s always going to be the fresh out of the box network that is the craze these days, but it might not be the most relevant medium for your customers. A Content Editing firm can reach out to its customers on Vine by creating ads. However, being on Vine because it’s the latest and greatest might not be the best thing for a law firm. Just think about where your customers might be and follow up with them there.

Myth: I don’t want to reach out to a younger audience because my customers are an older demographic.

Fact: Younger generations, age 7-17, influence the spending of household purchases, 74% of households to be exact. Social media is gaining popularity with adults over the age of 50. On a regular basis, one in three seniors are using social media. So the point is: Don’t discount the younger audience because you never know how they could help make that sale.

Myth: Social media will replace real-life networking.

Fact: People crave face-to-face communication. Go meet them and have social media help you make those connections. When you meet them in person, have your product tested for free as a sign of goodwill.

Myth: Twitter only works for celebrities and big brands.

Fact: Twitter is a tool that needs to be wielded properly. Your tweets don’t need to only be self-promotional, but relevant to your followers as well. Use your account to engage with users who mention your products or brand. This can also be used to monitor who is consuming your tweets.

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