4 Ways to Keep Your Small Business Vehicle Running Longer

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Nearly every small business has some sort of a vehicle.  Whether it’s just a compact car to take you to and from appointments or a box truck that spends the entire day on deliveries, appropriately caring for your vehicle is crucial to ensuring it has a long life serving your business.

Adhering to the care tips below will keep your faithful business vehicle running smoother longer, and keep you from having to shell out money over and over again for frivolous repairs.

Be religious about your scheduled maintenance. The most important thing you can do to keep your truck running like a dream is to get it in for a routine oil change and fluid check, we all know that.  While you’re there, have the undercarriage checked for worn suspension, brake systems, tire wear, or fluid leakage.  That way, you’re more likely to catch a problem before it becomes a major problem.

Follow the factory recommendations. Sure, conventional oil is roughly half the price of synthetic, but if your truck’s manual suggests synthetic, there’s probably a pretty good reason for it.  This point has been debated to death time and time again, but when in doubt, I recommend always following your vehicle’s factory recommendations.  When it comes to the life of your vehicle, it’s almost always better to be safe than sorry.

Avoid those potholes. If you and your vehicle have lived through a New England winter, then you know what kind of hazards potholes can be for your truck.  Hitting pothole at a significant speed can do some serious damage, but even just regularly hitting them at a moderate speed can put some major wear and tear on your vehicle.  Be aware of the road conditions and take care to avoid pothole whenever possible.

Keep the vehicle clean. If you have access to a garage or covered area, take advantage of it to keep your vehicle out of the elements.  If you’re in an area where your truck is exposed to ice and salt, be sure to give the vehicle regular washes as well.  The salt can lead to rust that will eat away at the undercarriage, which can not only affect the look and value of your vehicle, but also how well it will drive.

While we always hope that our vehicles will last and last, no vehicle can last forever.  When it’s time to purchase your next vehicle, you may want to consider checking out an equipment lease, as equipment financing  can help keep your out of pocket expenses to a minimum.