Small Business Tips: Why You Should Offer Financing at Trade Shows

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Offer Your B2B Customers Exactly What They Need: Financing

Picture this: After traveling miles and miles to a trade show, you enter the room and set up your beautifully designed booth. You get your materials ready, you prep yourself for the visitors you’ll undeniably have at your station, and you wait.

Then, a customer comes over – an interested customer – and you convince them your product is exactly what they need. They want to buy, and you want to close the deal right there. But… you can’t. Why? Because they can’t funnel out the cash right away for your products and you don’t offer financing.

Step out of that nightmare and let us take you down a nicer path. The truth is, you can prevent this from happening at your next trade show with a little help from Direct Capital.

Financing on the Go

You should always be thinking about the total solution – your products, your services, and financing! Providing customers with a way to finance their purchases immediately can make a huge difference between a “Never mind, I’m not interested” and a “Yes, sign me up now!”

But how do you do that? Isn’t financing a long, drawn out process that involves lots of paperwork and lots of time? Well, not always – and not with Direct Capital.

When you choose to work with Direct Capital as your financial lender, you have access to our financing platform, LendEdge. This platform allows your business to quickly and easily secure financing online. It’s really that simple.

  1. Select the financing products your customers need.
  2. Tell us about your customer’s business through our online application.
  3. We’ll review their application and give them a decision in record time to get your customers the financing they need when they need it – which is right now!

And what’s more we make it mobile-friendly – That’s why we consider it “on the go.” Whether it’s on your tablet or mobile phone, you can have your customer go through the entire financing process right there in front of you. They can go grab a bite to eat (while you track the application on your phone!) and by the time they get back, you should have an answer for them. Yup – it’s that fast.

So, don’t go back to the way you used to be. Start closing deals faster and never miss another opportunity. Give customers exactly what they want: A way to pay for your product.

Direct Capital is attending the 2014 SGIA Expo October 22-24 and RFDC November 10-12 – both in Las Vegas. If you’ll be attending, stop by our booth and learn more about our LendEdge program, or financing with us in general. Or, check out our website today!