Why Upgrading Your POS System is a MUST at Your Small Business

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Our good friends over at FranchWire recently wrote about the value of upgraded point of sale systems for franchise businesses.  The truth is, any small business can, and should, benefit from an up-to-date point of sale system.

After all, the added efficiencies are nearly boundless.  Having a system in place to track all of your customer information and shopping habits, automatically track your inventory, and keep tabs on your employee hours and sales statistics could save you countless dollars and hours of manpower.  Chances are you’d even greatly improve your customers’ experiences at your location since they’d be able to move through the check-out processes faster and your associates will have more time to be out on the floor helping customers, rather than be tied up behind the cash register.

Unfortunately, that new POS system – and all the benefits that come a long with it – could easily cost well over $10,000, once you add in additional workstations, the software package, and  the updated scanners and printers.  No matter how you slice it, that’s a hefty sum for just about any small business.  That’s why equipment financing, like the solutions from Direct Capital, can be a life saver when it comes to getting you the POS system you need and getting it fast.

Have you upgraded your point of sale system at your small business yet?  If not, you’d be well served to do so sooner rather than later to get out ahead of the competition.


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