Small Business Online Safety

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Be Sure to Use Secure Payment Methods

2014 was a big year for hackers – and a bad one for businesses like Target, Home Depot, the United Parcel Service, AT&T, and many others – that had their cyber security and POS systems breached. reported that as of October 2014, cybercrime has more than doubled from 2013 to a yearly average of $8.6 million per company.

But, the dollar amount doesn’t matter as much as the fact that hackers were able to access these systems and gather information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, email addresses, passwords, and more. In today’s world, almost everything is stored electronically and small businesses like yours just can’t afford to have data or security breaches.

Your business’s online safety is important to us here at Direct Capital, so we want to help keep it secure.

5 Ways to Improve Online Safety at Your Business

  1. Use Secure Payment Methods: While your mind is always on your customers, ours are on you. We want you to keep your customers’ information safe, but it’s also crucial that you keep yours safe as well. When making payments, be sure to use secured networks, like PayPal. And, if you are financing with Direct Capital, we have a secure payment feature as well so you never have to worry.
  2. Protect Your POS System: Customers’ credit and debit cards are flying through these systems daily. These people are the bread and butter of your business so you want to do everything you can to keep their information safe. There are solutions out there – like Symantec – that are designed to provide your POS and data systems with multiple layers of protection.
  3. Change Passwords Regularly: POS systems aren’t the only thing hackers are after. How much personal or customer information do you keep stored in files on your computer? Probably all of it. Make sure you and your employees are changing your passwords every couple of months to ensure hackers can’t get in. And, make those passwords something they wouldn’t be able to guess. They’re smart – but you can be smarter. Keep in mind: This goes for everything – your computer log in, any social media accounts, email, anything you use passwords for. It’s tedious, but worth it.
  4. Update Your Technology: Staying on top of the latest in technology – whether it’s new security systems or updated POS systems – will help keep you one step ahead. Technology is constantly being developed to help keep the bad guys out, so remember this when planning your budget and expect to upgrade at least once a year. Plus, Direct Capital can help with that. If you need new technology for your business but can’t afford an upfront payment, just come to us for a loan. We’ll set up an equipment leasing plan with you to help you get what you need exactly when you need it.
  5. Educate Your Employees: Whether this is done through a monthly training session, or a mandatory online Internet safety tutorial, we highly encourage you to make this a priority. The more your employees know about the dangers of online cyber-attacks, the more likely they will be to help protect against them.
  6. Stay Informed: If you read about any tricks hackers have been using – for example, sending emails that look legitimate but aren’t – pass that on to everyone at your company. And, of course, do not open those emails. Let employees know not to click on any foreign links or open emails that seem out of the ordinary. Most importantly, don’t be caught off guard. Stay on top of what’s happening, and you, your customers, and your business will be safe.

Using Working Capital to Keep Your Business Safe

As we mentioned, Direct Capital can provide you with an equipment lease loan to help keep your technology up to date. That’s not all we can do, though.

Working capital is essentially a small business loan that you can use for any business need you have, including an updated POS system, technology training for your employees, and other security features you are looking to add.

Internet security is more important now than ever before. Be ready for anything, and use these 5 tips to keep as safe as possible. And, if you need financial assistance to ensure your security, we’ll be here to help!

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