Small Business Lending Making A Big Difference

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Lend me your ears and I’ll lend you some lending news.

There appears to be more optimism for the previously brutal economic environment in 2011 than there has been in the last few years, even as struggles continue. That’s good news for many, but it’s particularly welcome for small businesses, who have been looking for operating capital financing solutions and have been shut down by a cautious lending environment.

The Bellingham Herald sees evidence that the cycle fueled by a lack of consumer confidence and a lack of funds made available for lending by banks is slowing. With the U.S. Small Business Administration guaranteeing loans to a higher degree than has been the norm in recent years, confidence has grown, and more and more small businesses nationwide find themselves able to get at least a measure of the help they need.

The following quote from the article gives a sense of the grudging optimism out there today:

“I see a little bit of flickering of a light, way out at the end of a very long tunnel,” said Marie Gill, president and CEO of M. Gill & Associates, a Miami, Florida-based management, public relations and economic development consulting firm. “But I do see a flicker, which is better than total darkness.”

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