Small Business Hiring Ticks Upward In April

Handshake and hiringHandshake and hiring
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Courtesy of BizEngine, we’ve got some good news from the world of small business. Hiring is up again in April, according to Intuit.

They’re modest gains—.3 percent in hiring and similarly small gains in hours worked and wages—but it’s another link in a bright chain of such gains that stretches back into 2010. Given the importance of small businesses to the economic recovery, this is at least encouraging, and that .3 percent represents some 60,000 jobs. Those are just in those businesses under 20 employees that Intuit works directly with, as well.

Be sure to read the BizEngine article for more details, and let’s start a discussion about the current hiring environment. The U.S. Labor Department is supposed to release its own figures for April on Friday, so we’ll check back on those later in the week.

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