Small Business Growth Is Happening Right Now

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Lately, we’ve been able to offer you a lot of great news about the American small business community. Whether it’s the increased availability of small business financing from firms like Direct Capital, the rise in consumer confidence or the improving economy, there’s been more silver lining than cloud.

Happily, we can continue delivering good news. We recently conducted a survey of our customer base, which numbers tens of thousands of small businesses from across the United States. The question we asked was a simple one: Is business better or worse today for your business than it was a year ago?

Here’s a breakdown of the answers we received:

  • Better – 53%
  • Worse – 26%
  • The same – 21%

Your immediate reaction likely matches ours. If over 50% of American small businesses say they’ve experienced growth, that’s a cause for celebration. It also jibes with everything we’ve seen here at Direct Capital, from the strong showing for small business lending in our monthly index to the rise in consumer confidence we’ve been seeing of late.

We’ll need to re-visit the results of this survey at the end of the year, because we still have more than six months for things to change. Right now, though, we couldn’t be more encouraged by the way the small business community has grown and thrived after enduring difficult circumstances in recent years.

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