What Valentine’s Day Brings For Small Business

Valentine's Day Boost For Small Business
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Love is in the air. Also birds and planes, but that’s less relevant to today’s post.

It’s not Christmas or Halloween, which tend to land huge sales numbers for businesses across the country, but Valentine’s Day is still a big one. Starry-eyed lovers, long-married couples and guilty boyfriends fuel a huge shopping drive that basically started a day or two ago and will continue through February 14th.

Flower and chocolates sales are the biggest drivers, of course, because everyone loves flowers, chocolate or flowers made of chocolate. There’s also dinners to buy, romantic comedies to rent, jewelery to purchase and card shops to raid. That means your average retail business, large or small, and your average restaurant should expect to reap the benefits.

How To Reach The Valentine’s Day Shopper

So you want to pull in more revenue with an assist from the holiday. I’m no Cupid—I’m a terrible shot with a bow, and no one wants to see me flying around in a diaper—but I can give you a few valuable tips on this score.

  • Add flowers to your offerings. Put a few nice arrangements near your register and you will snare the harried but thoughtful and the downright desperate. I guarantee it.
  • Add a few boxes of nice chocolates, for the same reason. Putting them near your register ensures customers will see them, and a certain percentage will not be able to resist knocking off their Valentine’s Day shopping on a trip to your store.
  • If your business is a good fit for it, consider a Valentine’s Day promotion. Heck, if your business is a hilariously bad fit for Valentine’s Day—say you’re a plumber—embrace that and do something goofy. Customers appreciate a sense of humor. If you need a little money to put together something, there’s also marketing working capital.*

So to recap, flowers and chocolate and promotions, oh my! Sometimes it’s relatively simple to capitalize on a holiday at your small business, particularly when the items that shoppers tend to snap up are so easy to identify. We wish you luck on this Valentine’s Day.

How are you going to spread the love on this holiday?

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*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT


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