Upgrade Your Small Business With New Technology

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Being a small business you might find it pointless to have the latest technology. But we have compiled a few reasons as to why and how having the latest technology will boost your small business.

In case you are wondering Windows XP and a 5 year-old Blackberry are not considered new technology. Today there are tablets, Windows 8, Google Glass, and the hot new Smart Phone with a matching watch (these are all examples of the latest technology as of the time this post was written). However, we know it is not realistic to for you to stock up on these different products; that would be a very costly investment; but an investment regardless. To start, we do feel you should update your technology where it matters.

3 main reasons to upgrade:

1) Speed. If your computer is outdated and old, even if your web browser is outdated, this will hinder productivity and you will end up spending a good portion of your day waiting for things to upload and/or download. Your time matters and outdated technology frankly doesn’t care about speed like the newest technology does.  Be efficient!

2) Communication. New technology has focused on better/faster communication. For example, newer computers and newer mobile devices will allow your team to stay in contact better. Better communication means you can be more productive. Be productive!

3) Clout. You don’t want customers, competitors, or investors judging you and your business based on the fact that you have out of date technology. But they will! If you have new technology it sends a confident message to everyone. Be confident!

Like we said before, we don’t expect you to go out and buy every new technology craze that exists. But to your best judgment you should focus on updating the most important and most outdated technology that exists within your small business. Then, over time, replace the rest!

Out with the old in with the new.

Once you switch over to new technology you will wonder how you have survived this long without it!

What is the oldest piece of technology that exists in your small business?


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