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Managing a restaurant is not a simple career move by any means. Members of restaurant management teams are responsible for the design, atmosphere, menu, hiring, operations… well, you get the point. While there is no single “right way” of managing a restaurant, there are several people and organizations who are very successfully managing restaurants. Not all of them have blogs, but many of them do.

We have searched for the best in restaurant management blogs and gathered those that we think fit the bill. We looked for blogs that offered a wide range of topics, proven success stories, practical tips, strategies, hints, and answers in today’s technology-driven world of diners. Most of the blogs are written by consultants, industry leaders, and managers themselves to provide invaluable expertise in a very challenging field. We have listed our top 50 picks in no particular order.

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1. The Restaurant Expert



Founded by restaurant coach, speaker and trainer David Scott Peters, The Restaurant Expert Blog’s mission is to teach independent restaurant owners how to operate successfully with a balanced professional and personal life. With David’s experience as a C-level manager for a 30-unit franchise operation, he has been able to develop workshops and an online restaurant management software product to help people thrive in the competitive world of restaurants.   Three posts we like from The Restaurant Expert:


2. FohBoh Blog



FohBoh, the Restaurant Network, is a social media community for the foodservice industry. FohBoh offers news, information, and access to subject matter experts. Its blog provides content geared toward everything restaurant-related, including marketing strategies, tips for chefs and bartenders, and the latest in technology for streamlining the customer payment process, so it’s a great fit for restaurant management.   Three posts we like from FohBoh Blog:


3. Marketing4Restaurants


Marketing4Restaurants Marketing4Restaurants partners with restaurants to help them market to customers in the best way possible. Founded by James Eling, a technology specialist, entrepreneur, and “ideas man” always looking for better ways to run businesses with improved technology, Marketing4Restaurants is perfect for those in restaurant management who want strategies and tips for reaching more customers and cutting costs while boosting revenue.   Three posts we like from Marketing4Restaurants:


4. The Manager’s Office


The Manager's Office

The Restaurant Manager’s Office is a part of the Hospitality Formula Network, which provides insights for the restaurant industry. The goal of the Manager’s Office is to serve as a free resource for professional restaurant managers and owners to develop skills that will help improve restaurant profitability and advance their careers. All of the information is written by David Hayden, restaurant industry author, blogger, and consultant with nearly 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry.   Three posts we like from The Manager’s Office:


5. eateria



eateria connects restaurant, food, and hospitality businesses with customers through social media, email, and mobile marketing. A digital loyalty marketing tool, eateria is brought to you by Dining Dialog, Inc. and its blog is geared toward marketing tips and strategies for restaurant management.   Three posts we like from Eateria:


6. WhenToManage




WhenToManage Restaurant Solutions was founded in 2005 and offers scalable solutions to simplify reporting, inventory, and ore with an emphasis on connecting organizations’ people. The blog captures the spirit of the company by offering the latest news, stories, tips, marketing strategies, and more to help you in all aspects of restaurant management.   Three posts we like from WhenToManage:


7. Gecko Hospitality


Gecko Hospitality

As North America’s premiere hospitality recruiter, Gecko Hospitality represents some of the best restaurant management candidates in the industry. And, Gecko represents over 450 national and international restaurant companies throughout the U.S. With all of their contacts in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Gecko’s blog offers tips for restaurant managers with a unique perspective.   Three posts we like from Gecko Hospitality:


8. Cardoona

  Cardoona Cardoona is known for monitoring vendors’ prices and alerting restaurateurs with the information they need to make better purchasing decisions. Its blog offers tips in all aspects of restaurant management, from accepting Bitcoins to food trends.   Three posts we like from Cardoona:


9. Buzztime


Buzztime Buzztime believes in solving business problems through fun and play. It’s with this spirit of entertainment that that they offer their restaurant management tips and bar management advice through their blog.   Three posts we like from Buzztime:


10. Spirocks



Spirocks expands Spiro Pappadopoulos’ consulting work with small businesses such as restaurants to help them with digital communications and their use of online marketing technologies. Spiro has personal experience with the challenges the hospitality industry faces, as the owner/operator of over 20 establishments throughout his lifetime, and he uses his experiences to help others in restaurant management through his company and blog.   Three posts we like from Spirocks:


11. Restaurant Marketing Blog


Restaurant Marketing Blog

Joel Cohen, “one of the country’s top marketing authorities,” shares his advice and tips, sprinkled with his insights, adventures, and miscues, for restaurant and hospitality marketing in his Restaurant Marketing Blog. Known for his brand of brutal marketing honesty, Joel has filled his blog with information for restaurant management.   Three posts we like from Restaurant Marketing Blog:

O’Dell Restaurant Consulting  

O'Dell Restaurant Consulting O’Dell Restaurant Consulting is owned and operated by Brandon O’Dell, who has been in food service industry since he was 14 and has been helping struggling food service operations become profitable for more than 20 years. His blog offers tips, strategies, and warnings that anyone in restaurant management will find useful.   Three posts we like from O’Dell Restaurant Consulting:


  13. The Restaurant Guys


The Restaurant Guys

Mark Pascal and Francis Schott are the Restaurant Guys who own and operate Stage Left Restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ, “one of the most highly regarded Contemporary American Restaurants on the East Coast,” and Catherine Lombardi Restaurant on the second floor above Stage Left. Food and wine professionals, they consult on large and small restaurant projects, do The Restaurant Guys Radio Show, and write The Restaurant Guys Blog. While the blog focuses mainly on events and offerings from Stage Left and Catherine Lombardi, the engaging style of the posts makes their blog a must read for everyone in restaurant management.   Three posts we like from The Restaurant Guys:


14. On the Fly with FSW: Restaurant Management


On the Fly with FSW FoodServiceWarehouse was founded with the goal of empowering foodservice operators to make their businesses more successful. On the Fly with FSW is the blog from FoodServiceWarehouse, devoted to inspiring and connecting food and beverage professionals with resources, tips, and ideas. On the Fly with FSW’s writers work with product experts to ensure their advice for restaurant management is top shelf.   Three posts we like from On the Fly with FSW:


15. Chef2Chef



Owned and operated by QuinStreet, Inc., Chef2Chef provides valuable resources for professional chefs, culinary students, and food lovers in general. Members of restaurant management especially will find the blog-style news helpful, with ideas ranging from ending food waste to craft breweries.   Three posts we like from Chef2Chef:



@Foodservicecom is an interactive community, building and marketing online communities and social networks within the foodservice industry. Their blog features posts written by members of the community with experience in the industry, covering a wide range of topics of special interest to restaurant management.   Three posts we like from


17. ChefTalk



ChefTalk’s global community is comprised of seasoned chefs, professional bakers, educators, and everyone else who is interested in creating fantastic dining experiences. ChefTalk’s blog-style articles provide information about tools of the trade, product reviews, services, and more from the industry perspective, making it relevant to restaurant management.   Three posts we like from ChefTalk:


18. Social Hospitality


Social Hospitality

Social Hospitality is a specialized digital marketing agency that focuses on social media, SEO, copywriting and editing to help businesses “nurture online relationships and create loyal customers.” Their blog features tips and strategies for marketing businesses in the hospitality industry, including restaurants. Members of restaurant management surely will find some useful information from Social Hospitality.   Three posts we like from Social Hospitality:


19. The Back Burner


The Back Burner

Restaurant management and food service pros alike will find a wealth of information on The Back Burner from By choosing the “Restaurant Management and Operations” link, restaurant management teams will find tips and information on everything from food safety to going green.   Three posts we like from The Back Burner:


20. Ctuit’s Restaurant Management Blog


Ctuit's Restaurant Management Blog


Ctuit is known for its restaurant management software tools and dashboards that provide insight, help control costs, and streamline business functions. But, Ctuit also offers a blog full of tips and strategies that are just as useful to restaurant management teams.   Three posts we like from Ctuit’s Restaurant Management Blog:


21. The Tuee GRM Blog


The Tuee GRM Blog


Tuee is all about guest relationship management, with its easy-to-use tool that provides insights and guides loyalty campaigns.  So, its guest relationship management (GRM) blog is perfect for restaurant management looking to improve profitability and increase revenue through guest relations.   Three posts we like from The Tuee GRM Blog:


22. POS Sector


POS Sector


POS Sector is software for restaurants that eliminates the need for verbal communication between waitstaff and the kitchen and bar because they use a touchscreen to put in an order that is then automatically sent to the kitchen and bar printer or screen. POS Sector also helps with analytics, inventory, and payment processes. POS Sector’s blog is tailored just as well to the restaurant portion of the hospitality industry, with posts covering everything from the top summer cocktails to the ways in which you can boost your catering business.   Three posts we like from POS Sector:


23. Sage Restaurant Group


Sage Restaurant Group


Sage Restaurant Group’s mission is simple: “to create the best restaurants in the world.” They do so through innovative, playful experience and connecting the restaurant to the people by using locally-focused food and beverages. The blog features the restaurants and their special events and features, offering a vast array of ideas for restaurant management to tailor to their own locales.   Three posts we like from Sage Restaurant Group:


24. Swipely



Swipely aims to connect product, staff, and customer insights to help local merchants grow sales. Because they strive to keep the most critical information for restaurant success in one place, it isn’t any wonder that Swipely also offers a blog brimming with helpful hints and strategies for restaurant management to make their business processes work for them.   Three posts we like from Swipely:


25. TRG (The Restaurant Group)


TRG (The Restaurant Group)

The Restaurant Group (TRG) is a restaurant consulting/management firm that works with various types and sizes of establishments to help manage day-to-day operations and provide solutions for expansion, concept development, and more. TRG Blog contains articles covering topics of interest to restaurant management ranging from restaurant technology to restaurant names.   Three posts we like from TRG:


26. Texas Restaurant Association


Texas Restaurant Association

The Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) exists to help restaurant members improve profitability and has been doing so since 1927. They offer educational programs in training and certification, produce the TRA Marketplace – the largest foodservice show in the southwest, and support development in the industry through the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation. THE TRA Blog, of course, provides articles about those topics to help restaurant management be more educated and aware of innovation and news in the industry.   Three posts we like from TRA:


27. Restaurant Connect


Restaurant Connect

Restaurant Connect CEO and Co-Founder Adam Christopher got his first food industry job at the age of 16, when he washed dishes in a country club. As he went on to become a culinary school graduate, restaurateur, and former partner in a “highly-regarded” restaurant advisory firm, Adam realized the need existed for a “master restaurant operating system which is inspired and governed by the restaurant operator’s perspective and needs.” Restaurant Connect Blog, therefore, is a perfect fit for restaurant management teams in search of improving their restaurants with the advice and strategies from someone who has first-hand knowledge of their struggles.   Three posts we like from Restaurant Connect:


28. Mirus



Mirus already helps restaurant management with its intelligence software that provides insight into sales, cost, and execution. Now, Mirus goes a step beyond its product line to offer tips and strategies for restaurant executives and management on its blog.   Three posts we like from Mirus:


29. Aaron Allen & Associates


Aaron Allen & Associates


Leading global restaurant industry consultants, Aaron Allen & Associates are experts in growing, marketing, branding, designing, and developing concepts. Aaron Allen & Associates’ blog brings their expertise to restaurant managers through tips, anecdotes, strategies, and more.   Three posts we like from Aaron Allen & Associates:


30. Service That Sells!

@restaurantbooks Service That Sells


Service That Sells! is a leader in restaurant management and waitstaff training solutions and boasts a best-selling book by the same name. Their blog offers ideas that restaurant managers easily can implement immediately, as well as a downloads page for free training tools.   Three posts we like from Service That Sells!:


31. Restaurant Hospitality


Restaurant Hospitality


Dedicated to the success of full-service restaurants and edited for chefs and other foodservice professionals on a monthly basis, Restaurant Hospitality has won numerous industry awards for editorial and graphics excellence. Offering its readers information on industry trends and happenings, Restaurant Hospitality helps restaurant management, especially, to run their operations more profitably.   Three posts we like from Restaurant Hospitality:


32. Restaurant Marketing Ideas


Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Michael Hartzell is the man behind Restaurant Marketing Ideas. He has decades of experience in the restaurant industry, multiple national sales awards, and certifications in Guerrilla Marketing and Inbound Marketing to his credit, and he brings all of his expertise to his blog posts that are geared toward restaurant management.   Three posts we like from Restaurant Marketing Ideas:


33. Synergy Restaurant Consultants


Synergy Restaurant Consultants


Synergy Restaurant Consultants use real life solutions and big-picture thinking to drive guest frequency and maximize financial performance. They offer tips on reducing costs and increasing profits on their blog, which restaurant management will want to visit often.   Three posts we like from Synergy Restaurant Consultants:


34. Dining Check


Dining Check

Written by Caroline Potter, Chief Dining Officer for OpenTable, Inc., Dining Check offers her perspective on trends , food, entertainment, and more. Restaurant management will find Dining Check to be a breath of fresh air among information sources for the industry.   Three posts we like from Dining Check:


35. National Restaurant Association: Manage My Restaurant

@WeRRestaurants National Restaurant Association

The team at Manage My Restaurant hopes to help restaurant management better operate their businesses. They offer advice on driving increased traffic, learning about culinary trends, recruiting qualified employees, and much more.   Three posts we like from National Restaurant Association:


36. Horizon Hospitality Management


Horizon Hospitality Management

Horizon Hospitality is “the leading source of talent acquisition for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and country clubs.”  They have a wide variety of resources at their disposal, along with recruitment tools and innovative technology. Restaurant management team members will find their blog especially helpful because it offers solutions to a wide range of common restaurant and hospitality challenges.   Three posts we like from Horizon Hospitality Management:


37. East Coast Chair & Barstool


East Coast Chair & Barstool

East Coast Chair & Barstool offers a wide array of tables, chairs, and barstools that fit nearly any décor, and they sell directly to America’s bar and restaurant owners. While they serve one particular niche of the restaurant industry, East Coast Chair & Barstool branches out in their blog to include articles on restaurant marketing and management, restaurant trends, and more. Restaurant management may just be surprised by all that the East Coast Chair & Barstool blog has to offer.   Three posts we like from East Coast Chair & Barstool:


38. Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions


Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions


When Don Potter and Stevan Barber founded Pinnacle in 1989, their main focus was providing computer-based business solutions to small and medium-sized companies. They became the “first company to offer an ‘open’ computer-based touch screen solution for restaurants,” and today they provide tailored solutions to maximize profitability, control expenses, and manage loss prevention. Their blog contains information about the restaurant industry at large, though several articles focus on POS, restaurant news, and loss and theft prevention.   Three posts we like from Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions:


39. Squadle – Restaurant Management Tips


Squadle - Restaurant Management Tips

Squadle helps keep your employees accountable and focused so that you can run your restaurant efficiently and consistently. With the Squadle Hub, you can replace all of your establishment’s compliance paperwork and manage tasks more easily. The Squadle blog also tries to make your life easier by providing restaurant management tips.   Three posts we like from Squadle:


40. Perry Group International


Perry Group International


Perry Group International’s hospitality consultants have a reputation for their operations, marketing, and financial experience that helps guide their hospitality management services. Their expertise is evident in their blog posts that cover a wide range of topics geared toward restaurant and hotel management.   Three posts we like from Perry Group International:


41. Rewards Network


Rewards Network

Rewards Network is responsible for “the leading dining rewards programs in North America,” as it provides restaurant marketing services, a survey process for restaurant ratings, and other business intelligence. The blog features articles on several restaurant-related topics including restaurant operations, social media, staffing and training, and more.   Three posts we like from Rewards Network:


42. Real Time Ordering


Real Time Ordering

Real Time Ordering (RTO) serves the hospitality industry with online ordering solutions catering to restaurants’ individual needs, from corporate and franchise solutions to creating customized, integrated web sites, to seamless transactions. The RTO blog is perfect for restaurant management members who especially are looking for information about online ordering.   Three posts we like from Real Time Ordering:


43. NCR Hospitality Blog


NCR Hospitality Blog


NCR Hospitality offers a wide range of technology solutions built to suit your environment’s demands. The NCR Hospitality blog’s articles are just as diverse as the solutions they offer, covering topics from industry trends and marketing to POS for restaurant management.   Three posts we like from NCR Hospitality Blog:


44. Venga



Venga helps restaurants track and analyze customers’ purchases, habits, and preferences with its revolutionary solution for connecting them with guests. Everything Venga does is in the name of improving the guest experience, powering targeted marketing, and building true loyalty. Their blog helps restaurant management with restaurant operations, analytics, and more.   Three posts we like from Venga:


45. Grub Street


Grub Street

New York Magazine’s Food and Restaurant blog, Grub Street offers daily food news from  Blog articles offer anything and everything restaurant management could search for, including opening and closing information, foodievents, and more.   Three posts we like from Grub Street:



46. Bottleneck Management  

Bottleneck Management


Bottleneck Management’s mission is “to operate vibrant, high energy, approachable restaurants and taverns in the most dynamic neighborhoods and locations in Chicago.” They especially focus on building customer loyalty and providing regular customers with something to look forward to on their return visits. The blog provides information on topics from craft beer to the restaurants in their organization, and restaurant management can gather inspiration from their ideas.   Three posts from Bottleneck Management:


47. BAMCO Blog (Bon Appétit Management Company)


BAMCO Blog (Bon Apetit Management Company)


BAMCO is an on-site restaurant company that offers full food-service management to corporations, universities, museums, and specialty venues. The company uses environmentally sound sourcing policies and has “developed programs addressing local purchasing, overuse of antibiotics, sustainable seafood, the food-climate change connection, humanely raised meat and eggs, and farmworker rights.” The BAMCO blog offers articles related to those issues that are so important to the company and its mission.   Three posts we like from BAMCO Blog:


48. Restaurant Funds  


Restaurant Funds has a noteworthy mission: helping people who seek help starting or successfully running restaurants but who cannot pay the regular fees of their consulting company, CapForge. Restaurant Funds’ blog is chock-full of tips, strategies, and information to help restaurant management and continue their mission of helping people in the industry.   Three posts we like from Restaurant Funds:


  49. Fast Food Management Secrets


Fast Food Management Secrets


Written by a fast food manager for fast food managers, the Fast Food Management Secrets blog lives up to its name. Offering tips on how to become a fast food manager, how to create the revenue that is possible in a stand-alone fast food establishment, and more, the blog is a fantastic resource for those in the fast food industry.   Three posts we like from Fast Food Management Secrets:


50. The Law Blog of DiPasquale Law Group

DiPasquale Law Group

The DiPasquale Law Group is a full service restaurant law firm dedicated to representing restaurants, bars, lounges, and nightclubs in the greater NYC area. Because the needs and challenges of the restaurant industry are unique, the DiPasquale Law Group offers information critical for restaurant management concerning compliance, license violations, applications, and more.   Three posts we like from the Law Blog of DiPasquale Law Group:

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