Survey Says 77 Percent Of Small Business Owners Love Their Jobs

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If you run a small business, you’ve heard the question before. Why do it?

I’ve heard that question asked of some of my good friends, usually when they’re two hours late to dinner because they needed to finish something that only they could handle. It follows from a look at the bloodshot eyes, the constant checking of watches and phones and the lack of vacations. It’s an understandable question, but I’m guessing the answer for most small business owners is actually pretty straightforward.

They love their jobs.

A recent Small Business Trends report investigates how researchers found exactly that.
According to a survey conducted by Vistaprint, a delightful 77 percent of those business owners surveyed said they loved their work. Not liked, not crushing on, not interested but skeptical of a long-term commitment…love. How cool is that?

That’s what sometimes gets missed in the cloud of legislation, lending talk and working capital* that continually swirls around our national discussion. Small businesses by and large hang in there against terrible odds because they need the work, yes, but also because they’re committed to what they’re doing. We need more recognition for that abiding love, because understanding the motivation of small business owners lets us better help them.

Of course, this is not meant to pretend everything is rosy and happy. Some 47 percent of respondents to that survey reported that they are working more and longer hours than they were a year ago, in the midst of this sl-o-o-o-w recovery we’re going through. And as you’ll see noted in tomorrow’s franchise roundup, an increasing number of small businesses are dealing with prices that just keep going up.

But it’s encouraging to see that love shining through. Let’s hope small business owners have more reasons to smile soon.

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