Start May Off Strong

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

May! It is the beginning of spring, after the April showers have passed. It’s the month to begin growing and preparing for the summer seasons. We are here to help provide you with a few tips to help you start off this month strong to help ensure a strong season ahead.


Step 1:

Research! Whether you are a small local mom and pop shop or own a franchise, you have competition. Find out what your competition is up to. You can do this with a simple Google search or Facebook visit. Do they have new equipment they are using to improve their customers’ experience? Did they renovate their location by painting the walls, buying new furniture or investing in technology?

In order to compete with your competitors you have to stay ahead of them.

Step 2:


Now that you know what they are doing it is time to figure out how to be better than them. You want to make sure your customers can visit your business and have the best experience possible. Is your technology out of date? Maybe your furniture is not as new as it could be and this puts a damper on the feeling customers have when they visit.

Step 3:


Now that you have figured out a plan that can put your business ahead of the competition you need to execute it. It doesn’t benefit you to come up with a plan that is never put into action. If your plan is to upgrade your technology don’t worry about depleting your credit lines or your cash flow. Look into financing options, leasing equipment is a great way to introduce technology or even new furniture into your place of business.

Being bigger and better doesn’t have to destroy your wallet.

Step 4:


Watch your hard work pay off. Your customers will be happy with your upgrades and know that you are the business to visit instead of heading down the street to see your competitors.


By creating the proper plan and executing it efficiently you will, in fact, start your season off strong and your small business will be a success.


Direct Capital can help you reach your goals and stay ahead of the competition. After you have devised a plan, apply for the proper financing!