3 Tools to Help Your Small Business Work Smarter

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The key to small business success isn’t just about working hard.  Sure, that’s part of it, but in reality it’s about working smarter.  In other words, utilizing the tools you have at your disposal can make running your small business simpler.  These tools can come in a number of different shapes and sizes, but we’ll break down three big ones you should be using right now at your small business.

A solid accounting system. If you’re still doing invoicing and estimates the old fashion way, then you’re probably needlessly wasting a lot of your precious time.  Check out a system like FreshBooks, where you can create and manage all of your small business invoices and estimates in one place.  The best part?  It’s cloud based so you won’t have to worry about maintaining or updating the software.

The right scheduling system. Gone are the days of paper schedules posted in the breakroom.  A scheduling software like ShiftPlanning, allows you to easily track your employees availability and build schedules.  There’s also a timeclock feature so that you can track employees’ attendance and payroll information.  My favorite part is the mobile app to help you add and adjust schedules on the go.

Online task management. As a small business owner, chances are you’re wearing a dozen different hats at your business and juggling a number of different tasks on a day to day basis.  That’s why an online task management system would come in handy.  A system like Sharepoint allows you to keep track of all of your many task in one place – separated out by employee so you know who’s on what project and the level of completion at any given time.  You can even print reports and track how many hours are free on each employee’s plate, so you’ll never risk overloading any one employee.

There are, of course, several other systems out there to assist you with these tasks, so you should always look for the one that’s the best fit for your small business.  There’s a good chance you’ll have to pay a start-up or monthly fee to get each system going, so if you’re strapped for capital you may want to consider a working capital loan.*  With working capital financing, you’ll get a quick cash infusion to help you get all of your systems in place quickly so you can start working smarter right away.

How do you work smarter at your small business?

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*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT