Over Hurdles And More In A October 13 Small Business Roundup

small business hurdles
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Once a week, PointBlank will deliver a roundup of small business news and advice from around the nation.

Overcoming Odds And Obstacles Alike

I like to share the occasional success story in these roundups, because every small business owner gets discouraged at times. These are reminders that no matter how bleak it gets, the big leagues can be reached.

The case in this…case…is European Wax Center and its owner, David Coba. Back when the business was owned by his father, it was a salon that dabbled in waxing. Unfortunately, the mess made by the wax, its low price point and the length of time it took to do a session made it supremely unprofitable. David Coba sought to change that.

What he was able to accomplish is nothing short of astonishing. He made waxing profitable, made the rest of the business more profitable, cultivated leadership and turned a lot of those leaders into franchise location owners. What once had been confined to Adventura, Florida, has now spread across the nation.

The lesson here? Hard work, smart business planning and a willingness to nurture leaders can pay off. So can a little wax, apparently.

Wise Words About Websites

You can really screw up your website any number of ways, but the end result is the same: You have a screwed-up website.

Nobody wants that, of course, so you have to take steps to ensure your site is in working order. Network Solutions has a bright take on that with five tips, each of which are worth reading.

One I cannot possibly stress enough is the first tip, which concerns not “mushing” keywords into your copy. The important point here is that your copy should always be readable. You can’t just write “small businesses should get small business financing? what is a small business? a small business is a business that needs financing” and expect anyone to read it.

Be sure to apply these tips to your site.

Embrace New Ideas

You cannot afford to go without bright, bold ideas at your small business. Nurture those ideas.

Other Useful Links

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