National Small Business Week 5/12-5/16

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U.S. Small Business Administration has dedicated the  week of May 12 to small businesses across the nation. America is home to entrepreneurs. Dreams are made possible in this country and we are going to spend the next week recognizing that.

From restaurants, to gift shops, to fashion stores; small businesses are everywhere. Whether you are walking down the street in California or at a mall in Florida you will see a small business.

Small Businesses require hard work and dedication. It is not easy to open up your own business and often you tap into as many resources as possible.

Currently there are 23 million small businesses in America. More than 50% of small business owners seek out financial help and Direct Capital is proud to have helped more than 80,000 of those businesses.

Some find it difficult to compete with big box stores and they rely on you, as a customer, to choose them because of the originality and quality service you will receive. When was the last time you walked into a mom and pop shop and purchased something? Dedicate this week to helping the small businesses in your neighborhood. Remember, they work harder than most people and you won’t receive the same personalized touch anywhere else.


Are you a small business that has done business with Direct Capital? We would love to hear from you and feature you on this blog! We are proud of your accomplishments and success. You should be too. Share your story with us so we can broadcast it across the web!