It’s A Small World Of Small Business Advertising

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You want big things for your small company. Why wouldn’t you?

What you may not realize is that advertising like a big business can actually hurt you. If you’ve got a grand idea or a product so huge it needs to make a splash in the world, you’re better off keeping your small business advertising efforts…well, small.

Knowing Your Audience

The best small businesses realize that they’re not competing head-to-head with Procter & Gamble. If you’re running a small business advertising or small business marketing campaign, you’re not a household name nationwide, and it would be a mistake to run your campaigns as if you were. Instead, you should focus on advertising like a small business.

What does that mean? It means you can’t blast your messaging out to the entire world and hit your target market, at least not without chewing through your entire budget in short order. Instead, you should relentlessly target by demographic. If your best business comes from stay-at-home moms, you’re not going to focus a lot of advertising and marketing efforts on teenage boys.

Staying Focused

Do everything with that tight focus in mind. If you can more effectively reach your customers by direct e-mail marketing than advertising, do it. If you’re going to advertise, ensure that you have your contact information visible and available so intrigued prospects can reach out to you. Above all, make sure it’s effective to the market you’re trying to reach. You have to get bang for your advertising bucks, after all.

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