Healthy Boomers And More In A October 5 Franchise News Roundup

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PointBlank scours the Internet once a week for franchise news and notes. Here’s ours for the week.

Health Care Franchises Booming

Baby boomers, you’re getting old(er). Sorry, but it’s true.

There is an upside to those newly creaky joints and prescription eyeglasses, at least for franchisors. That’s because as boomers are dragged kicking and screaming into their senior years, the demand for health care is going to go up exponentially.

Many franchises are jumping into the fray to meet that demand, and are thankfully creating job opportunities across the nation. South Carolina is among the states seeing huge growth:

That concern is expected to drive an increase in the need for health-care workers in South Carolina and across the nation. Already, it is boosting enrollment in health-care studies at the University of South Carolina.

If you’re thinking about striking out on your own, you could pick a worse field to do so in.

For Your Health, Or Not

Everyone claims they want healthier menu options.

“Salads!” they cry. “Reduced sodium!” they wail. Yet when the rubber meets the road, only 23 percent of all visitors to chain restaurants and greasy spoons actually order healthy menu items, compared to the 47 percent who say they want those items in the first place.

What gives? As the San Francisco Gate notes, buying really is impulse. If you’re stressed out or in search of a quick bite to eat, you’re much more likely to go for comfort food than carrot sticks. The fact that restaurants increasingly offer calorie counts and healthier options is laudable, but it’s not changing the way people eat.

So there’s a lesson here for franchisors and franchisees. Offer the healthier options, but don’t bank on them being a major part of your business.

Starbucks Brews Up Job Growth

Starbucks is putting its money where its coffee is, looking to give a jolt to the job market. We have more information.

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