The 50 Best Point of Sales Systems: Top POS Software Tools and Apps for Small Businesses

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The world of point of sale (POS) systems has come a long way since the days of big, clunky computers at the checkout. It used to be an expensive and serious undertaking for a business to acquire this sort of system, but now, thanks to advances in technology, nearly anyone can set up their own POS system quickly and easily.

Small businesses no longer have to rely on stand alone terminals in order to handle POS transactions; there are several softwares and apps out there that can turn your computer, tablet or mobile device into a POS terminal.

In fact, mobile software and apps are rapidly gaining in popularity thanks to their portability and real time insights into how business is performing. Perhaps most especially, they allow you to instantly keep track of inventory levels, which can be especially challenging for businesses that stock a wide array of items.

A good point of sale system can also help you gain insights and keep track of what your customers like, which in turn can help you boost sales.

Look for systems that can grow with your business, are easy to use, let you set custom alerts for things such as low inventory and feature all the functions you might need. Better to invest in one solid system at the outset than to be continually looking for apps and software that integrate and are compatible with one another as your business expands.

With the above in mind, in no particular order, here is Direct Capital‘s list of 50 of the best point of sale software tools and apps for small businesses.

1. Maitre’D


The Maitre’D software is a customizable and scalable POS system designed with restaurants and cafes in mind. It allows users to build and customize their own terminal screens and is compatible across a wide range of platforms.

2. NetSuite


If you’re looking for a POS software with a strong customer focus, NetSuite has you covered. Thanks to an intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen system, you can save your customers time at the checkout while increasing staff productivity.

3. Kounta


This software offers a web-based solution for small businesses and boasts inventory and customer management tools as well. Thanks to its easy setup you can get your business up and running in minutes with a solution that’s compatible on any device.



This site offers a free POS software solution that only requires a monthly per-terminal fee for use. They offer a host of payment solutions including Internet merchant accounts and wireless credit card machines that can help take any small business to the next level. With no startup fees and unlimited training included, you can choose from retail, restaurant or cloud-based systems that best suit your needs.

5. Vivonet


With mobile-, tablet- and kiosk-based POS solutions, Vivonet offers a cloud-based system that is built with restaurants in mind and is the choice of major companies like Booster Juice and Starbucks. Plus, their 100% satisfaction guarantee means you’re covered in the event the tool doesn’t meet your company’s demands.

6. AccuPOS


This advanced point of sale system offers a suite of solutions to suit any type of business and is compatible with mobile, Android and touch-screen PCs. Their tech support and sales solution teams are readily available, plus their system easily integrates with your existing QuickBooks or Sage accounts for complete reporting.

7. Revel


Designed for use on iPads, Revel offers a comprehensive POS solution ideal for a wide variety of small businesses. With a secure cloud-based system and always-on technology, you’ll never miss out on a sales opportunity and can manage your business from wherever life takes you.

8. Lightspeed


This web-based POS solution is ideal for those who like mobility in their tools as it’s iPad compatible. Plus, with integrated inventory and sales tracking, it offers an all-in-one solution to help you manage and monitor your small business.

9. Retail Edge


Retail Edge offers an integrated inventory, sales and POS management solution that’s even available offline, so you can monitor your business from nearly anywhere and at any time. With a 30-day money back guarantee and 90 days of included tech support, you can really put the system through its paces before fully committing and it’s ecommerce compatible.

10. Vend


This sleek POS software is incredibly user-friendly and they offer a 30-day risk-free trial so you can get started right away with no fees. Compatible with Mac, PC and iPads, their cloud-based system helps small businesses manage and grow their company no matter the size.

11. Instore


Another iPad-based POS software, Instore is ideal for smaller companies with a limited number of tablets running. It also offers real-time reporting so you can quickly and easily keep track of your business. It even comes with a free credit card reader when you sign up.

12. TouchBistro


Designed for a wide variety of quick service and food-based small businesses, TouchBistro makes ordering and paying quick and easy for both customers and employees. With a number of smart features including bill splitting and emailed receipts, it can quickly adapt to your business’ ever-changing needs.

13. NCR


With always-on access from almost anywhere, this POS system lets you keep tabs on your business even when you’re not close by. Plus, with mobile a e-payment options, your customers can shop from the comfort and convenience of home.

14. GiftLogic


This easy-to-use software boasts features such as inventory and customer management, making it an ideal all-in-one solution for small business owners. Additional options such as e-receipts, QuickBooks integration and fingerprint integration might also appeal to some businesses.

15. iVend Retail


iVend offers a complete commerce solution for small and large businesses including POS, mobile, loyalty program management and integrated analytics to help you keep track of everything. Plus their POS system is compatible for both online and offline use, meaning you’ll never miss out on a transaction.

16. iPayment


The iPayment app quickly and easily turns your iPad into a POS system. The app lets you access your sales data from anywhere and check customer info with just a few clicks. Additional features such as scheduling and inventory management complete the package.

17. Square Register


You can turn any smartphone or iPad into a mobile POS solution with the Square Register app, available as a free download. Easily keep track of multiple payment methods, including most major credit cards and make deposits directly into your bank account within one business day. You can even create online invoices and email digital copies of your customers’ receipts.

18. Shopify


Shopify offers everything small business owners need to set up payment options both in store and online. Their iPad app lets users get up and running quickly and easily, with little to no training necessary. It also boasts features such as credit card processing, partial payments and gift cards and discount codes compatibility.

19. Clover Station


The Clover system offers both aesthetically-pleasing and incredibly functional POS hardware and various apps to manage and monitor your business that are tailored for specific industries including restaurants. They can even help create a custom solution for your small business.

20. PayPal


Probably one of the most popular online payment processing systems, PayPal offers a mobile payment solution that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection – giving your customers a cashless payment solution. Setup takes just minutes and integrated reporting helps you stay on top of what’s important to your business.

21. uAccept


A cloud-based POS software, uAccept offers a suite of features that can help any small business including compatible hardware, encrypted magnetic card readers, and cash drawers that can get you up and selling in no time. Create and manage your own loyalty program and even integrate social media via their software.

22. Bindo


This iPad-based POS offers an easy-to-use system in a risk-free, no-cost trial package. With features like supplier and inventory management, plus cash and credit payment support and real-time online order updates, it has everything your small business needs to start selling. Integrated analytics and remote store management give you the data necessary to improve business.

23. Harbortouch


With two options to choose from, this POS system features no upfront costs with low monthly service fees and boasts a lifetime warranty on their equipment. Touchscreen-based, it also offers the option of mobile at-the-table payment via Apple Pay. They also offer full training and 24/7 support free of charge.

24. TouchSuite


This user-friendly system offers an affordable and innovative solution for small business POS needs with hardware, software and even financing. They also offer online business management-related seminars to help you gain the know-how and skills necessary to help your small business succeed.

25. Cash Register

25-cash-register It might not look pretty, but Cash Register is a completely free downloadable DOS-based POS software that is compatible with any Windows-based operating system. The download includes all the files necessary to get your small business cash register up and running.

26. Posterita


This web-based POS tool is compatible on mobile, tablet and other screens to help you manage your sales in the way that best suits your needs. Process layaways, exchanges, returns and more with ease. Plus, everything is recorded digitally, so you have access to the data whenever and wherever.

27. PHP Point of Sale


PHP can easily be customized to suit whatever needs your small business has, and can be hosted either on their hardware or your own. Its interface is clean and intuitive, with features such as Excel import and export, tax tracking and barcode and printer support.

28. CashierLive


Compatible with iPads, iPhones and PCs, this app lets small businesses process and track payments, inventory and more all via an easy-to-use interface. They also offer free eBooks to help you grow your business management knowledge base.

29. ShopKeep


Ideal for all types of small businesses including retail, restaurant and quick service, ShopKeep offers an affordable $49/month per register price point and you can get your POS hardware through them as well. With fast transactions and integrated inventory management and customer marketing, you can grow your business via one easy-to-use app.

30. Imonggo


An easy-to-use, secure POS system that can be used from anywhere, Imonggo lets you keep track of sales, inventory and even taxes all via their effortless software. Features like offline work, email receipts, split payments and rewards program management make it an appealing choice for small businesses.

31. Verifone


Verifone offers mobile payment solutions and POS software that’s compatible with both tablets and PCs. Securely process debit, credit and other forms of electronic payment with ease. The software is easy to learn, comes with a 15-day free trial and is compatible to export to QuickBooks.

32. Intuit QuickBooks POS


Besides being fully compatible with the full range of QuickBooks softwares, Intuit’s POS software is secure and fast at processing debit and credit payments. You can even handle mobile sales and keep track of your inventory, all in one business-friendly system.

33. Quetzal


Ideal for those in the retail and clothing sector, Quetzal POS helps small businesses to keep track of their important customer, inventory and sales information. Designed with the iPad in mind, it gives you the ability to send paper or electronic receipts, and works even when there’s no Internet connection.

34. LivePOS


Ideal for single or multiple business locations, this cloud-based POS system boasts real-time analytics that let you keep tabs on how business is performing, even when you’re not on site. You also have the option to easily integrate your accounting and marketing software to create an all-in-one business solution.

35. Leaf


This tablet-based POS system is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for small businesses. With integrated card swipe and cloud-based storage, you can get real-time insights into how your business is performing. Plus, with 24/7 support you can get any questions answered no matter when they pop up.

36. Pose


A web-based POS software that’s ideal for businesses in the retail sector, Pose works on whatever hardware you prefer and offers cloud-based storage for convenient access anytime, anywhere. It also offers QuickBooks integration so you can track your business data quickly and easily.

37. Ambur


This iOS-based POS software is built with the restaurant and quick service sector in mind, and offers a host of features such as managing orders, payments and reservations. Its mobile-friendly interface means you can also accept payments on the go, and there are no monthly fees to worry about.

38. Change


The Change cash register app turns your iPad into a mobile POS solution that can have your small business up and taking payments in no time. Stay up to date with tracking your sales performance thanks to their free online dashboard.

39. GoPago


Thanks to its intuitive software, you can get your business up and running quickly with GoPago’s cloud-based POS system. You can keep track of employee performance, sales and more thanks to their office reporting tools and the software is compatible with a range of other apps that can help you scale your business.

40. Lavu


Ideal for restaurants and other niche businesses of all sizes, Lavu offers a fully customizable POS solution that can help simplify the way your business runs. Compatible with iPads, the app is easy to install and start up and offers secure cloud-based storage to keep all your information safe.

41. Erply


Designed with small businesses in mind, Erply is a professional-feeling POS software but without the high price tag. Data is synced in real time, so your reporting is always up to date. Plus it’s compatible with iOS, Android and PC, so you can choose whatever hardware best suits your business’ needs.

42. iConnect


Already Apple Pay ready, this iPad- and Windows-based software lets you get up in running quickly and easily. It even comes with a free trial offer so you can try it risk-free before fully committing. Compatible with loyalty programs and inventory management, it offers a complete solution for small business owners.

43. RingItUP


Turn any iPad or iPhone into an on-the-go POS solution with this free app. Easily keep track of sales, profit and inventory right from your device. You can even email receipts and generate sales reports.

44. SalesVu


Designed for small- and medium-sized businesses, this all-in-one business management solution offers a host of features including mobile iOS and Android POS systems, accounting, inventory and e-commerce tools. Get started with their 15-day free trial before fully committing.

45. ZingCheckout


Compatible with any device, Zing can help get your small business up and accepting mobile payments in no time at all. You can take payments, generate reports and keep track of inventory quickly and easily. Create your own custom theme that matches your business and test things out with a free trial before purchasing.

46. GoFrugal


A web-based POS solution, GoFrugal offers a suite of cloud-based features including offline support, no maintenance fees, inventory management and 24/7 support that are ideal for small businesses.

47. Bluestore Live


Available for the iPad and other systems, this cloud-based POS software works even when it’s offline with no limit on the number of terminals or locations you want to connect. All data syncs in real time so your reporting is always up to date. Their 30-day risk-free trial allows you to try before you buy.

48. Retail Pro


Compatible with a variety of traditional terminals and mobile devices, this POS software offers features such as native promotions, barcode item entry and multiple currency acceptance. With professional services and support plus unmatched e-learning tools, Retail Pro can help take your small business to the next level.

49. pcAmerica


A tablet-based POS software that’s been recognized by several leading industry magazines and associations, pcAmerica can help you grow with your business from startup to expansion. Process transactions, manage inventory and staffing, and generate business reports all via one easy-to-use system. Plus, you can purchase or lease their software and hardware; whichever works best for your business.

50. Checkout


The Checkout app is compatible with Mac OS and boasts a suite of easy-to-use features such as sales, invoice and inventory management. It’s compatible with Shopify, QuickBooks and and more to help you manage your entire business. You can even print labels and packing slips right from their interface. Network up to 20 devices and schedule backups up to 6 times daily to ensure your data is always up to date.

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