Top 50 Machine Shop and Job Shop Software Tools

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Machine and job shops are limited to small-scale manufacturing, such as single-production units and prototyping – in other words, manufacturing and production processes with paper-thin profit margins. As such, a successful machine shop is usually the shop that strikes the best balance between inventory management, production cycle, and customer satisfaction.

So how does your machine shop become a success story? The answer lies partly in technology: software and tools that facilitate, enable, track and organize a factory machine shop. Most of these tools fall into the categories of manufacturing resource planning (MRP) – or its generalized counterpart, enterprise resource planning (ERP) – and machine execution systems (MES), but you should know other helpful solutions also exist.

Direct Capital has put together a list of our favorite software suites and applications for boosting machine shop productivity, keeping customers happy, and increasing your profits.

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Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

1. BatchMaster


BatchMaster is ERP software that plays nicely with other ERP and business software, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP Business One, Sage 100/300 ERP or QuickBooks. The tool, which is razor-focused on ERP for process manufacturers, is an complementary product that offers a smorgasbord of management tools for your machine shop: sales management, supply chain management, business intelligence, and formula management, among them.


  • Designed for batch manufacturing companies, specifically the industries of Life Sciences, Nutraceutical, Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, and Coatings & Chemicals
  • Customize to track product safety and compliance for your industry
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 2000

Cost: Contact for pricing

2. E2 Shop System

E2 Shop System

E2 Shop System by Shoptech is a full-service business solution for the manufacturing industry. It will revolutionize your shop floor with simple, straightforward software that manages all your estimating, scheduling, purchasing, and shipping, with accounting and customer management added on for good measure. Since E2 was designed specifically for job shops, it has all the features you need without any fluff you don’t.


  • Simplified tools, ex. estimation and easy quote-generation, improve productivity and boost profits
  • Easy, end-to-end software that does everything from project scheduling to payroll, takes the guesswork out of machine shop operations
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000

Cost: Contact for pricing

3. EnterpriseIQ


EnterpriseIQ was developed for repetitive and discrete manufacturers, specifically those in the industries of automotive, consumer products, aerospace, medical devices, metal fabrication, rubber, plastics, and packaging. Since it focuses on repetitive firms, it offers a specific solution for these industries, incorporating planning and manufacturing execution, invoicing, reporting, machine shop floor controls, and core accounting.


  • Built for repetitive manufacturing companies with $1-$500M in annual revenue
  • Scalable system can support anywhere from one to infinite users
  • Available for Windows 7, Web browser (OS agnostic), Unix, and Linux

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

4. Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP was built for the manufacturing industry. Fully featured, it incorporates various aspects of resource planning and management, from inventory control and materials planning, to manufacturing execution (MES) and financials. One of our favorite features is that Epicor ERP is module-based, meaning you purchase only the modules you require to build a custom ERP tool.


  • Designed for businesses with $1M+ in annual revenue
  • Available as a hosted, on-premise, or cloud based solution – whichever works best for your business
  • Available for Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, and as a web-based tool

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

5. EstiTrack ERP

EstiTrack ERP Software

When it feels like all machine shop ERP software is designed for the big dogs, Henning Software steps in with EstiTrack ERP. Tailor-made for job shops and distributors, EstiTrack is perfect for small- and mid-sized manufacturers in need of one integrated solution for job costing, estimating, order tracking, inventory management, purchasing, shipping, invoicing and other requirements.


  • Created with small- and mid-sized job shops in mind
  • Integrates with your existing Peachtree or QuickBooks accounting
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 2000

Cost: Free Trial; Contact for pricing

 6. Exact MAX ERP Manufacturing

Exact MAX ERP Manufacturing

This second offering from Exact is even more robust than the first: MAX ERP Manufacturing software is designed for growing small- and medium-businesses, with fully scalable options to add users, features and modules as your company expands. As its name suggests, this is an ERP tool that integrates traditional resource planning tools, and adds to them solid functionality to help machine shops stay compliant via recall management, industry regulation compliance, product revision documentation, and more.


  • Customizable dashboard is intuitive; anyone can use it
  • Integrates seamlessly with financial software, including QuickBooks and MS Dynamics GP
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000

Cost: Starting at $1,750/user (MAX Essentials) and $2,500/user (MAX Premier)

7. FabSuite


Life is suite, if you’re in the steel production business. FabSuite was built specifically for steel manufacturing, and is thus tailored to your shop’s unique and general needs. This productivity suite works to boost productivity throughout the manufacturing process, with better estimating, project management, production control, combining, inventory controls, purchasing, order entry, project scheduling, and other tools.


  • Designed specifically for steel manufacturers
  • One solution for project management, cost estimating, producing control, combining, and more
  • Available for Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

Cost: Free Consult; Contact for pricing

 8. IndustriOS


IndustriOS ERP Manufacturing Suite is a feature-rich solution for small to medium-sized manufacturing businesses and machine shops. One unique feature of IndustriOS ERP is that it deploys and integrates various functionality to suit different manufacturing environments: make-to-project manufacturing, configure-to-order manufacturing, make-to-stock manufacturing, make-to-order manufacturing, assemble-to-order manufacturing, and mixed mode manufacturing.


  • Manufacturing intelligence dashboard publishes real-time metrics for what you want to track
  • Hybrid ERP melds manufacturing integration with robust financial and accounting software
  • Voted one of C10 Review’s most promising manufacturing tech solution providers 2014

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

 9. IFS Manufacturing

IFS Manufacturing

IFS is full-suite ERP software – a single, centralized product that streamlines four core strategic processes of your machine shop: service & asset management, manufacturing, project management, and supply chain management. The software is user friendly and well designed, offering both an intuitive and attractive way to track, control, improve and better understand your shop.


  • Intuitive interface means less time spent managing your software, and more time spent managing your business
  • Component architecture – choose only the modules you need
  • Available for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX

Cost: Contact for pricing

 10. MIE Trak PRO


Created for the manufacturing industry, MIE Trak PRO combines engineering, manufacturing, sales, and accounting into one database – a central hub to track, manage and improve your business functions. The software helps you manage inventory, control costs, create and send quotes and estimates, optimize your scheduling, invoice buyers, and more, and turns everything into real-time, actionable data you can use to better understand your business


  • Tailored to custom manufacturers with less than $25M in annual revenue
  • Add-on modules for data collection, scheduling, and more
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, and as a web-based tool

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

 11. Global Shop Solutions

Global Shop Solutions

Flexible ERP software designed for job shops – check. Easy-to-use navigation that’s accessible to all – check. Near-limitless customization – check. Global Shop Solutions is all that and a bag of bolts (they’re better than chips) in the machine shop industry, thanks to 40 years’ worth of experience resulting in a robust, fully featured ERP tool. The best part: if it doesn’t have what you want, you can create it – the built-in software development tool lets you build any additional modules you need.


  • Created in part for job shops, this ERP solution really does meet your needs
  • Built-in software development tool makes this solution extremely customizable
  • Available for Windows 2000 and as a web-based tool

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

 12. Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 is a good solution for machine shops with small- or mid-sized budgets, as it offers excellent value for its full feature set. The software helps manage critical shop floor elements through management and automation, including business analysis, automatic alerts, and customized workflows – and dashboards that bring it all home. Integrates easily with the MS Office suite.


  • ERP solution unique to the manufacturing and distribution industry
  • Open architecture – integrate add-ons to build a custom solution
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, and AIX

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing



Control, manage, integrate and synchronize your manufacturing process, from start to finish, for both long and short production runs with SYSPRO ERP. Built specifically for manufacturers and distribution SMEs, SYSPRO is easily customized to your machine shop needs through standalone modules and fully integrated service suites with quoting, cost controls, forecasting, inventory control, material cost tracking, and more.


  • Standalone modules make it easy to build a customized solutions
  • Choose on-premise or cloud-based deployment
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, and Linux

Cost: Contact for pricing

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)



CETEC ERP is known for two things: robust software and great prices. Even though it boasts one of the lowest prices in the industry, you won’t sacrifice features – this enterprise resource management tool offers an extensive modules suite so you can build a custom solution unique to your machine shop. Start with sales, job costing and CRM features, then add in shop floor management, inventory control, purchasing, and mobile warehousing. Improve performance even more with capacity planning and scheduling, document management, quality and ISO management, and accounting. You create the tool you need.


  • One of the best-priced ERP systems available today
  • Build your own customized software solution from the extensive suite of modules
  • Available for Windows 8, Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS, and Linux, or as a web-based tool

Cost: Free Trial; From $40/user (first 50 users)

15. ECi M1 ERP


If you’re looking to automate your machine shop, check out ECi M1 ERP. The software provides standard ERP tools, including sales and quoting, post-production planning, inventory, and financials, as well as basic customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. One of the greatest advantages of ECi M1 ERP is that it is module-based, so you can grow your software over time, as your business also grows.


  • Free M1 Design Studio allows you to build a custom system, no programming skills required
  • Save $thousands with ECi’s unique “view only” licenses
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 2000

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

16. Exact JobBOSS

Exact JobBOSS

Small and mid-sized machine shops appreciate Exact JobBOSS’s streamlined tools, which make quick work of everyday activities like planning, proposals and quoting, and manufacturing execution. The goal: to replace scattered notes, files and papers with one tool that does it all.


  • Replace scattered paper archives, quoting software, and Excel files with one robust tool
  • Seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks, or offers its own accounting software
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, or as a web-based tool

Cost: Starting at $2,750 (desktop) or $299/month (cloud-based)

17. Infor VISUAL


Infor VISUAL is a comprehensive ERP system for manufacturing companies in search of a robust but cost-effective system. As an end-to-end solution, Infor VISUAL integrates all your machine shop operations, from planning to creation to sourcing to delivery – your manufacturing lifecycle, seamlessly organized and managed. The software emphasizes efficiency, to reduce the occurrence of excess inventory, boost productivity, and reduce lead times.


  • User-friendly software can be learned in a few months, and ROI typically takes less than a year
  • In-program tools manage supply chain management, HR, accounting, MRP, MES, and other aspects of your business
  • Available for Windows 8 or as a web-based tool

Cost: Contact for pricing

18. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an ERP suite that combines various applications to build a custom solution or your business. The solution incorporates solutions for financial management, project management, asset lifecycle management, order management, manufacturing management, reporting, and mobile solutions. There are a total of more than 80 separate application modules.


  • More choices than most ERP software: choice of databases, operating systems, and hardware.
  • The first ERP suite to offer all apps for iPad
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Web browser (OS agnostic), Unix, Solaris, Linux, IBM OS/400, HP-UX, and AIX

Cost: Contact for pricing

19. Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

What was once an accounting system for small- and mid-sized businesses, has today grown into a software suite to rival most ERP solutions. In addition to its original focus on financial management and accounting, Microsoft Dynamics GP now incorporates manufacturing planning, human resources management, business intelligence, IT management, supply chain management, industry compliance, collaboration, and other tools. It’s a robust software suite that works with you.


  • Add-on modules and third-party apps let you customize your system
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, and as a web-based tool

Cost: Free Trial; Contact for pricing

20. S2K Manufacturing

S2K Manufacturing

S2K Manufacturing Software is all about managing your daily operations to increase productivity – and profits – over time. The software is ideal for mid-sized and enterprise businesses, including those in the manufacturing industry, offering standalone packages – accounting, warehouse management, POS, etc. – with enterprise-level build-ons like online ordering, order shipping, transportation management, and more.


  • Analyze data via various factors, e.g. analyze sales by store, by customer, by SKU, and by sales staff
  • Seamlessly integrates with other solutions you already use (e.g. Virtual Warehouse)
  • Available for IBM OS/400 and as a web-based tool

Cost: Contact for pricing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

21. SugarCRM


SugarCRM was built with modern manufacturing in mind: In an age when price-cutting isn’t enough, products don’t provide sufficient differentiation, and you’ve already lowered your operating costs, how do you set yourself apart? The answer: leverage your sales channels to better understand your customers and how they want to do business. SugarCRM helps you do that, with a richly featured CRM tool build for manufacturers.


  • Automate your support, call center, marketing, sales and forecasting
  • Integrates with IBM LotusLive for online meetings
  • Available as a web-based tool

Cost: Free Trial; Pricing from $40/user/month

Multipurpose Software

22. BusinessMan


BusinessMan offers a fully featured, fully customizable ERP solution, making it a good fit for machine shops with specific needs. Tailor-build BusinessMan to match your business, with in-tool apps to handle your financials, marketing, assemblies, audit trails, inventory, and more. BusinessMan also offers CRM features, so you can keep all your customer info in one location.


  • Fully customizable ERP and CRM features – build a tool that reflects your business
  • Send employees notifications via text, email and other means
  • Available for Windows 8, Mac OS, and as a web-based tool

Cost: Free Trial; Starting at $3,932 (3 users)

23. Enterprise 21 ERP

Enterprise 21 ERP

Enterprise 21 is an integrated ERP system for small- to mid-sized manufacturers, offering a flexible architecture that you can customize to your machine shop’s specific needs. Inside the box, you’ll find product configuration, inventory management, compliance management, scalable batching, lot tracking, and more features, plus visualizations to help you reduce costs, improve service, and increase efficiency to fuel better sales and profits.


  • ERP solution with integrated business intelligence, financial management, and CRM capabilities
  • The Enterprise difference: In-house development, implementation and support
  • Available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Unix, Linux, and IBM OS/400

Cost: Contact for pricing



EVO~ERP may sound like ERP software, but in reality it’s much more. The tool goes beyond the basics of enterprise resource planning – inventory, estimating, sales and accounts receivable, purchasing, and work orders – to incorporate a wide range of features vital to the manufacturing industry: commissions for your reps, customer relationship management (CRM), payroll, shop floor data collection, and much more.


  • Useful Shop Floor Data Collection Program (DC) boosts machine shop productivity & profits
  • Uncommon features like barcode support, credit card processing, and MRP & scheduling make this an incredibly robust tool
  • Available for Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Cost: Free Trial; Contact for pricing

25. Infor SyteLine

Infor SyteLine

Infor SyteLine is a mixed-mode application for service-based, made-to-order, configure-to-order and repetitive manufactures. The system tracks your manufacturing process from start to finish, with richly featured modules for order management, CRM, quote generation, advanced scheduling, inventory and materials management, and more.


  • Created for repetitive and engineer-to-order manufacturers
  • Boost profits with better forecasting and accurate management
  • Available for Windows 2000 and as a web-based tool

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing 

26. MISys Manufacturing

MISys Manufacturing

MISys Manufacturing is all about manufacturing SMBs, packing in the features you need – and only those you need. Track your WIPs and manufacturing inventory, including at multiple locations; record detail stock status; enable cost-adjustments with roll-up throughout all BOM levels; indicate standard, average, LIFO, or FIFO costing; and more. Even better, MISys grows with your business: add on modules for advanced purchasing, labor tracking, bar coding, custom reporting, material requirement planning, advanced production, and more.


  • Designed specifically for small- and medium-sized manufacturers
  • Integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Safe 50 US, Safe 50 CA, Sage 300 ERP, and Intacct
  • Available for Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 2000

Cost: Contact for pricing; 60-day money-back guarantee 

27. NetSuite for Manufacturing

NetSuite for Manufacturing

You may already be familiar with NetSuite, but did you know they offer a solution customized for manufacturing and machine shops? The software is tailor-made for the industry, incorporating all your regular concerns – inventory and warehouse management (including multiple locations), accounting, customer relationship management, orders and shipments, ecommerce, and more – into one tool to govern them all.


  • Customizable dashboard offers real-time monitoring
  • Integrates with large shippers, e.g. FedEx, to make shipping a breeze
  • Available for Mac OS or as a web-based tool

Cost: Free tour; Contact for pricing

28. Rapid Response Manufacturing

Rapid Response Manufacturing

Rapid Response Manufacturing from ProfitKey International is a dual MES and ERP software solution for small- to mid-sized manufacturers. Robust features include accounting and financials, order placement and tracking, invoicing, labor data, inventory and inventory data, purchasing, and much more. Optional add-on components incorporate quality management, technical estimation, and CRM and MES tools. 


  • Fully featured and built for the manufacturing industry
  • Optional MES and CRM add-ons catapult the software’s capabilities
  • Available for Windows 8

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

Machine Execution Systems (MES) 

29. Apriso MES

Apriso MES

Billed as the next generation in Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Apriso MES is your traditional Manufacturing Execution System on steroids. This collaborative supply chain and manufacturing management system offers a comprehensive applications suite to coordinate everything for your factory and machine shop, from operations within the plant, to between the plant, to across your entire entreprise and supply chain.


  • Modular applications suite extends throughout your activities to warehousing, quality control, production, maintenance and labor
  • Visualize the state of operations across plants and supply chain
  • Synchronize manufacturing operations on a global scale

Cost: Contact for pricing 

30. CIMx Software

CIMx Software

CIMx is a paperless manufacturing software suite designed for mid-, large- and enterprise-level organizations. CIMx offers you total control and visibility of your machine shop floor, in order to eliminate mistakes, boost productivity, and build a better product. Various modules include asset management, integrated operations tools, system management, quality management, workflow events, planning and/or authoring, production control, and more.


  • Control risk, lower costs and improve productivity through anywhere-accessible, paperless manufacturing
  • Intuitive dashboard uses real-time data to create a visual overview of your shop floor
  • Shop floor mode allows workers to use any computer or mobile device to check supporting documentation

Cost: Contact for pricing 

31. Eyelit Manufacturing™ MES

Eyelit Manufacturing™ MES

One of the most popular MES solutions today, Eyelit Manufacturing™ is a comprehensive solution to improve visibility, coordinate manufacturing operations, and achieve better controls over your manufacturing company. The solution offers a wide range of tools, including quality management, supply chain management, business process management, factory integration, and asset management.


  • Designed for the aerospace & defense, electronics, semiconductor, and solar industries
  • Connects easily with your existing ERP system
  • Platform independent

Cost: Contact for pricing

32. IntegraProduction™


If you’re after real-time production data, line performance, throughput monitoring, and production rates, you owe IntegraProduction™ a visit. Part of Epic Data’s overarching Integra manufacturing suite, this software solution offers tracking, control, real-time analytics and visibility for your machine shop production process. It also enables you with integrated standards to ensure compliance, as well as methods to reduce your costs, improve production quality, and deliver on time, every time.


  • Instant access to all your work order and production data
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards
  • Integrates with your existing ERP or enterprise manufacturing system

Cost: Contact for pricing 

33. Flexware Innovation

Flexware Innovation

Flexware is about using automated MES to build a more effective manufacturing plant. The solution follows your materials from arrival to product to shipment to end customer – all traceable through automated systems. Among the product’s features, Flexware makes it easy to automate raw material verification, component verification, order execution, recipe delivery and label printing.


  • Process visualization unifies various, previously disparate aspects of manufacturing, like discrete device status and alarms
  • Track and trace materials and products throughout every step
  • Visualize your data through production performance metrics

Cost: Contact for pricing 

34. Gemba Solutions


Gemba Solutions offers a plant-wide MES system through standalone products that handle your scheduling (including downtime), production data and efficiency, and other tools to improve your production and boost your bottom line. One major benefit of Gemba is that you can build a custom solution based on your industry, end user, or manufacturing type.


  • Special features and products for the food & beverage, automotive, and plastics & rubber industries
  • Build solutions for your entire factory, from executive management and HR to the finance department and production
  • Customize your solution based on manufacturing type – batch, process, discrete or assembly

Cost: Contact for pricing 

35. Guardus MES

Guardus MES

The Guardus MES system is optimized for discrete manufacturing, including automotive, medical technology, electronics, plastics, assembly, metalworking, roll manufacturing, and aerospace. The system helps reduce defects, eliminate downtime, and prevent waste to reduce overall costs and increase productivity.


  • Paperless manufacturing solution for discrete systems
  • Individual solutions tailored to specific industries, like automotive or electronics
  • Create your ideal system with user-specific configurations featuring tailored functionality

Cost: Contact for pricing 

36. HighJump MES

HighJump MES

HighJump MES is designed for discrete manufacturers, following the manufacturing process from materials delivery to final product shipment. The software works to eliminate non value-add activities, decrease operating costs, eliminate errors, boost productivity, and increase profits.


  • Brings together traditional MES systems and warehouse management system (WMS), for better inventory control
  • Strong ROI, thanks to shop floor and ERP integration
  • Low total cost of ownership

Cost: Contact for pricing 

37. InstantGMP MES

InstantGMP MES

InstantGMP MES is cloud-based record software for your machine shop – in other words, a tool to encourage and reinforce good manufacturing practices and processes. The tool is configured for GMP compliance, while helping organize your records, eliminate errors and incorrect data, and ensure quality and consumer confidence. The promise: your product quality will be top notch – every batch, every time.


  • Meet GMP compliance standards, through your tech systems
  • Create a better product through tighter quality control
  • Available as a web-based tool

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing 

38. Rockwell Software Suite

Rockwell Software Suite

FactoryTalk offers up two custom-made manufacturing solutions: manufacturing intelligence and manufacturing execution systems (MES). On the intelligence side of things, FactoryTalk works to leverage data to inform better manufacturing business decisions. The company’s MES offerings take your intelligence into the real world, helping increase productivity, reduce waste, and track your progress – all in real time.


  • Go paperless, if desired
  • Integrate manufacturing business intelligence with MES software for a revolutionary way to do business
  • Ensure your machine shop reaches its highest possible production quality and productivity

Cost: Contact for pricing 

39. WIPtrac

Agile Manufacturing

This Manufacturing Execution System (MES) tool falls into the category of shop floor control software, helping track your Work in Progress (WIP). Integrated SPC capabilities seal the high-tech deal, providing a solution for even the most technical manufacturing environments. You can also use WIPtrac to track the history, current status, and preventative maintenance schedule for your machinery.


  • Created specifically for high tech manufacturers, like semiconductor fabs and MEMS fabs
  • Automated collection and analysis of SPC data
  • Available as a self-hosted, web-based tool to use behind your factory firewall, or through an Internet connection

Cost: Free Test Drive; Contact for pricing

Shop Floor Solutions

40. Agile Manufacturing

Swipely Agile Manufacturing

Agile Manufacturing software is a production planning and schedule software suite created just for the manufacturing industry. The goal: to enable factories and machine shops, across all sectors, with the tools necessary to fuel demand-driven production, speed up their product time-to-market, optimize their customer service and satisfaction, and in the process, decrease their operating costs. The method: detailed scheduling, industrial planning, synchronization, and other shop-friendly tools.


  • Created specifically for the manufacturing industry
  • Decrease your operational costs while bettering your offerings
  • Simple navigation, thanks to easy information system integration

Cost: Contact for pricing 



As its name implies, AMIEGO is an MES solution for manufacturers that need to visualize their production environments. Increase your production transparency, be proactive with your production management, use your resources more efficiently, and find hidden losses. An open interface allows for easy integration with your established IT environment, and the easy-to-use system can be implemented in just days. AMIEGO MES may be run in-house or as a hosted cloud solution.


  • Integrates with ERP systems you already have in place
  • Supports OPC and mobile GPRS; no software needed so accessible via desktop (Windows, Mac or Linux), tablet, and smartphones with an Internet connnection
  • Available as a web-based tool

Cost: From €0.99 per day 

42. ECLIPSE Laboratory Information Management System

ECLIPSE Laboratory Information Management System

If you’re in the plastics, polymer or rubber production industry, have a look at ECLIPSE, a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed specifically for your industry. The software integrates four integral tools – Compound, Daisy, Maisy and Labfiler – to integrate flexible recipe management, test data collection, processing equipment data acquisition, and customer report generation.


  • Designed for rubber, polymer and plastics producers
  • Four dedicated programs combined in one LIMS
  • Available for any Windows OS

Cost: Contact for pricing

43. Fishbowl Manufacturing

Fishbowl Manufacturing

For companies that need more than Excel but less than a full-blown, enterprise-level ERP system (and its associated cost), there exists Fishbowl Manufacturing. The software offers robust inventory management – inventory control, material requirements planning, manufacturing execution, job shop floor control, and other features – but leaves accounting and payroll to Quickbooks.


  • Enjoy robust, fully-featured inventory management without having to sacrifice Quickbooks accounting
  • Designed for manufacturing companies with up to $100M in annual revenue
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000

Cost: Free Trial; Software starts at $4,395

44. FlexiBake


FlexiBake’s name says it all, or at least a lot: this is a manufacturing solution for the food and beverage industry. The software breaks down into four key solutions: retail, make-to-order, make-to-stock, and a combined or hybrid system. The goal: make it easy to do everything from order entry and route management, to production scheduling and real-time inventory control.


  • Manufacturing solution designed specifically for the food, beverage and restaurant industries
  • Improve efficiency and productivity through better management
  • ROI calculator makes it easy to see how much you’ll save

Cost: Cloud edition starts at $185/month 

45. Flowlytics


Flowlytics works with your existing ERP system to analyze data from across 250 of your operational systems, to help control, manage and optimize your planning, execution and delivery. As a modular system, you can pick and choose which features to adopt and deploy on your machine shop floor, to build a customized ERP-integrated system to further improve operations.


  • Choose only the modules that your machine shop requires
  • Create a custom system that leverages lean insights, inventory information, flow path health, and more
  • Boost financial performance through tighter manufacturing

Cost: Contact for pricing 

46. JDA Factory Planning & Scheduling

JDA Factory Planning

Your material plans should align with your factory schedules. They should be efficient. And they should synchronize materials flow throughout your machine shop. JDA’s Factory Planning & Scheduling software empowers you with the tools to do just that, so you can also reduce your operating expenses, boost controls and productivity, and lower your WIP inventory levels.


  • Distinct tools handle the needs of different industries and needs, e.g. automotive build-to-order or factory production synchronization
  • Speed output through the use of constraint-based production schedules
  • Reduce your shops work in progress (WIP) and inventory of finished goods

Cost: Contact for pricing 

47. MakeTracks


What’s in a name? For MakeTracks, the answer is an answer itself: a tool to Make your products and then Track your inventory. Created for small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies, MakeTracks is inventory management that helps you keep ahead of your parts on hand/on allocation/on order, restocking specs, and other machine shop must-haves, plus simple but comprehensive reporting, purchase orders, and more.


  • Track vendors, customers, job costs, employee labor costs, and other data
  • Easily exports to MS Excel and QuickBooks
  • Available for Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows XP Pro, Windows NT, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Cost: Starting at $595 for a single-user license

48. NCSIMUL Machine


If you’re looking for an intelligent, high-performance CNS simulation, MCSIMUL Machine is your foot in the door of smart factory operations. Take end-to-end control of your machining process, through the help of technology: cutting tool libraries, simulations, optimized cutting conditions, and more.


  • Save time (up to 40%), money and machine with smart factory technology
  • Supports collaborative publication of necessary manufacturing content and workshop documentation
  • Prevent machine and tool breakage

Cost: Free Trial; contact for pricing

49. ToolTrack


ToolTrack is a flexible tracking system for small and medium manufacturing businesses, monitoring manufacturing efficiency through personnel performance, WIP tracking, equipment performance, and other factors. The software creates visual reports of shop floor activity, cranking out performance metrics and helping you transform large data sets into understandable, actionable information to empower better decisions.


  • Daily backups and SSL encryption keeps your data safe
  • 99.9% system uptime
  • Available as a web-based tool

Cost: Contact for pricing 



There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned acronym to tell it like it is – it’s pretty clear what WYSIWYC® – What You See Is What You Cut – does for your machine shop. In short, this tool helps sync your CNC machine instruction reports and machining simulation in real time. You’ll enjoy cutting-edge ease of use, thanks to the touch screen with multitasking gestures and 3D simulation.


  • Sync your software’s 3D virtual environment with the realities of your machine shop floor
  • Increase shop floor productivity by up to 25%
  • For NCSIMUL Player or Machine

Cost: Free Trial; Contact for pricing


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  1. Great list! Maybe it can become the Top “51” and add SMARTer Manager to the list, 🙂 “… favorite software suites and applications for boosting machine shop productivity, keeping customers happy, and increasing your profits.” We do all that, Make it SMARTer, Start to Finish

  2. Considering what the softwares can do, it’s great that some of them still give free-to-try option. This maybe looks simple, but this is something I need to see and check by myself some of its capabilities before deciding to buy the full version.

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