50 Financing Tools for Small Business Owners

Reading Time: 21 minutes

You’re a small business owner, which essentially means that you’re ready and waiting to step into any role within your company on a moment’s notice. You’ve probably played the role of a maintenance manager, customer service representative, sales rep, accountant and every other position within your company at least once. When it comes to small business finances, though, you can’t afford to rush through financial matters or risk making mistakes – yet, small business financing easily encompasses a full-time commitment in its own right. Fortunately, technology enables the automation and simplification of many tasks, small business financing included.

There are numerous user-friendly financial tools available to make your life a little simpler, and maybe even eliminate the need to hire a full-time staff accountant or pay pricey agency fees. Where to look for such a tool? We’re in the business of financing small business, so we were curious to discover what kinds of tools exist to help small businesses manage finances. In the process, we drilled down and identified the 50 tools we think are the most useful, comprehensive and functional for small business.

NOTE: These tools are not rated or ranked in order of quality or importance; they’re listed in random order. The numbers are included merely to make it easy for you to reference a tool, say, if you want to send it to a colleague to download. With the goal of creating a shortlist of the best financial tools for small biz owners, this list will save you time searching and comparing financial tools. Every small business has different needs, so no single tool could realistically be declared the best for everyone. We’re pretty sure you’ll find a tool or two on this list that are a perfect match for your company’s needs – and budget.


1. Unleash

Unleash acts as a virtual CFO to make the accounting side of small business simple for you. Named the best financial app by CNN Money, this program allows you to track the health of your business finances with little work on your part – even if your math skills are less than guru-level. Unleash gives you a score (the uScore) that shows how well your business is doing, and it does all the number crunching for you so you can focus on what you do best.


Key Features:

  • Enjoy integrated tools that perform the math for you
  • Analyzes your financial data
  • Keep tabs on revenues, collections, payables and expenses
  • Intuitive dashboard with no spreadsheets to interpret
  • Key financial metrics displayed in dashboard
  • Patent-pending uScore (like a credit score for small business health)
  • Use uScore as a benchmark to compare against others
  • Xero integration


Cost: FREE


2. GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping



If you hate tax time, then GoDaddy’s online bookkeeping tools will be a much-welcomed resource. The program puts all your small business finances in one place and even creates your Schedule C tax form for you to save you the time and hassle. With a simple, streamlined dashboard that shows your current financial status, year-to-date profit and loss, invoice activity, current quarterly taxes due, easy expense data entry options and even a tool for logging time, GoDaddy’s online bookkeeping tool is an affordable and functional option for small businesses.


Key Features:

  • Intuitive interface with clear and accurate financial insights
  • Import sales and expense data with nightly updates
  • Organize data into IRS categories
  • Mileage and sales tax tracking
  • Create custom invoices
  • Gain insight into your business patterns through reports
  • Stay secure with 256-bit data encryption


Cost: $9.99 per month


3. Balance Financial



Balance offers a professional services suite for CPAs, financial advisors and bookkeepers to collaborate with clients on financial management and increase revenues, but it’s also used by families and small businesses outside the financial sector for budgeting, bill pay, streamlined reporting and more. Or, you can opt to utilize Balance’s services and get a professional bookkeeper to keep your financial details organized and bills in order.


Key Features:

  • Track spending automatically
  • Pay bills
  • Create a budget
  • Connect all your financial accounts in one place
  • Share files with employees or business partners
  • Optional bookkeeping services



  • Consumers: $10/month and up
  • Professional Bookkeeping Services: $99/month and up
  • For Financial Professionals:
    • Financial Team: $49/month
    • Financial Center: $5/client/month
    • File Sharing: $1/client/month
    • Contact for a custom price quote

4. inDinero




InDinero delivers a one-stop solution for your financial needs. With this accounting software, you can take care of your business finances, taxes, and payroll from one location. With inDinero, you can send invoices, track receipts, powerful analytics and data visualizations, and more, you have easy access to robust financial data at your fingertips.


Key Features:

  • File corporate tax returns
  • Mange your payroll
  • User-friendly interface
  • Gain access to live accountants
  • Sophisticated analytics
  • Graphs, charts and other visualizations
  • Understand your margins, product/location performance and more
  • Receive reports detailing your financial status
  • Full-service payroll support and back-office accounting for enterprise users


Cost: By invite only (application required)


5. Corelytics



Corelytics doesn’t just show you where you are with your finances. With in-depth reports, the program shows you where you’you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re headed to help you make the best business decisions.


Key Features:

  • Detailed expense trend analysis
  • Predictive forecasts by business line
  • Industry benchmarks by business line
  • Identify key ratios and trends
  • View which practices are profitable and which aren’t
  • Import data from any existing accounting system
  • Create and adjust goals



  • Financial Forecast Report: $19 flat fee
  • Dashboard Subscription: $99 per month (2 users)
  • Dashboard: $300 per month (with professional advisory services)

6. Wave



Wave enables you to handle small business backend accounting needs like invoicing and payroll while simultaneously focusing your energy on revenue-producing activities. With Wave, you can get it all done at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house bookkeeper or retaining an accounting firm. The best part is that Wave is designed for small businesses with 9 employees or less, making it ideal for fledgling startups, micro-businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t need the sophistication – or the high price – of more advanced financial platforms.


Key Features:

  • Unlimited custom invoicing
  • Double-entry accounting that makes sense
  • Guaranteed-accurate payroll
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Stay secure with 256-bit encryption
  • Cloud-based platform accessible anywhere
  • Share financials with team members or stakeholders remotely



  • FREE (bookkeeping, accounting)
  • Payroll: Scale-based pricing, less than $5/employee/month
  • Credit Card Payments: Processing fees apply


7. Expensify



Expensify makes expense reporting a less painstaking and laborious process. With easy expense documentation tools and receipt capture, you can rid yourself of the clutter of crumpled receipts and the never-ending process of taping them to standard sheets of paper for eternity. Not to mention, it’s much easier to categorize expenses, assign them to clients or projects, and even streamline the approval process. Once you’ve tried Expensify, you’ll never look at your tape dispenser with such disdain again.


Key Features:

  • Upload receipts
  • Automatically import credit card transactions
  • Import bank data
  • Capture mileage, time and other expenses
  • Automatic, smart categorization puts each expense in the right place
  • Create customized expense reports and invoices
  • Stay up-to-date on-the-go with the mobile app
  • Integrate with accounting, CRM, ERP or payroll solutions



  • FREE to signup
  • Business Users: Contact for a quote


8. Xpenser


Xpenser is a helpful tool for completely paperless tracking of business-related expenses and mileage. You can capture receipts, import data from other sources like credit cards, and stay on top of it all on-the-go with the compatible Coupa mobile expense reporting app. With ongoing expense reporting and time logging, you don’t have to wait for employees to finish expense reports – meaning you can get client invoices out on time and get paid faster.


Key Features:

  • Capture and store receipts
  • Record expenses via email, SMS, IM, Twitter, or Voice
  • Automatically import and categorize credit card information
  • Enjoy full administrative control
  • Create policies, budgets, per-client routing
  • Search and store your data online
  • Export data to QuickBooks, MS Dynamics GP, FreshBooks, Outright, Quicken and more



  • FREE
  • Premium Version: Contact for a quote


9. Recurly



A subscription billing automation platform that even CFOs love, Recurly helps your business save money by giving you a better handle on your expenses and overall financial picture. Designed specifically for subscription businesses, Recurly is simple to deploy and integrates with many of the tools and applications you’re already using to run your business, such as merchant accounts and gateways, and it’s completely scalable to accommodate growth.


Key Features:

  • Automate complicated calculations
  • Complete system for managing subscriptions
  • Manage trials and set-up fees, add-ons and more
  • Intuitive interface to support your sales reps
  • Multi-subscription support
  • Import existing subscribers
  • Invoicing, taxes and metered billing
  • Intelligent payment routing
  • Recover lost revenue



  • Small Business: $99/month
  • Enterprise: $299/month
  • Additional fees may apply, such as transaction fees


10. Calumo


Calumo is “business intelligence for financial people,” coupling your business’ financial data with sophisticated analytics and reporting that dramatically cuts down on the time required to manage your finances. Dramatically reducing the time you spend poring through spreadsheets means you can turn your attention to revenue-generating activities that drive your business forward.


Key Features:

  • Planning, reporting, modelling, forecasting
  • Transactional database
  • Enterprise cube technology with ROLAP, HOLAP and OLAP cube types
  • Intuitive dashboards with KPIs
  • Continuous forecasting
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office products
  • Leverage existing Microsoft Data Management investments
  • Flexible delivery via as-a-Service, on-premise or hybrid
  • Guided analytics
  • One-click spreadsheet to web



  • On-premise and as-a-Service pricing options
  • As-a-Service pricing scaled by:
    • # of Web Users
    • # of Office Users
    • Cloud Space
    • On-Premise pricing:
      • Small Team Bundle: $39,100
      • Mid-Sized Organizational Bundle: $106,250
      • Large Business Bundle: $199,750
    • Contact for a specific price quote





ACCPAC CFO is a program that delivers your key information in one easy-to-read format. The program includes a multitude of features that enable sophisticated predictive analysis of various scenarios, budgeting and forecasting reports, and goal-seeking processes to identify specific action steps that will drive your business to achieve specific results. Want to increase sales by $500,000 in 6 months? ACCPAC is your tool.


Key Features:

  • Predictive analytics for any scenario
  • Identify potential action steps to achieve goals
  • Budget and forecasting reports
  • Evaluate, forecast and implement strategic business decisions
  • Import existing data from an Excel sheet
  • Analyze new contracts, customers, products or opportunities
  • Combine next year’s budget with a new opportunity


Cost: Contact for a quote


12. Ready Ratios



ReadyRatios performs intellectual analysis of your business’ financial picture based on data from financial statements. Simply enter the data and let ReadyRatios do the heavy lifting. The resulting analysis is the same quality you’d expect from a professional analyst. With Ready Ratios’ financial software, you can better organize your business finances by viewing revenue per customer, operating and production costs, and a multitude of other ratio reporting options.


Key Features:

  • Calculates 40 coefficients and rates
  • Multiple-choice conditional texts
  • Analysis reports in dynamics for several periods (quarterly, annually, etc.)
  • Flexible tables for reduction without the loss of information value
  • Customize analysis parameters
  • Set criticism levels
  • Identify areas of financial growth and risk



  • FREE
  • Master: $165/year
  • Expert: $285/year


13. Oracle PeopleSoft Cash Management




Manage your cash all from one location with the Oracle PeopleSoft Cash Management software. An enterprise-level platform, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Cash Management platform is a comprehensive tool for centralized processing of business financial data. Coupled with powerful analytics and forecasting tools, Oracle enables you to accurately predict financial ramifications and drives smarter, strategic decision-making.


Key Features:

  • Cash positioning, cash forecasting
  • View real-time cash positioning reports
  • Cash positioning analytics through treasury dashboard and cash sweep
  • Accurately forecast long-term cash requirements
  • Automatically download bank statements
  • Seamless communication with banks and financial institutions
  • Financial Gateway for straight processing


Cost: Contact for a quote


14. Quorum Capital Budget Tracking


Helping you manage your annual budget, Quorum Capital Budget Tracking software is used by financial or operations managers to develop and manage annual capital budget projects. Ongoing quarterly revisions and up-to-date monitoring of actual expenses allow for a clear and accurate picture, allowing you the opportunity to adjust goals or expectations or implement additional activities to push closer towards objectives.


Key Features:

  • Revise forecasts
  • Monitor up-to-date expenses
  • View forecasts for various departments
  • Access capital budget reports
  • Yearly forecasts, AFE actuals and budgets, updated projections
  • Provides an enterprise-wide, capital expenditure outlook


Cost: Contact for a quote


15. Fiscal

Fiscal was developed to help small businesses accomplish more. Use the program to solve a financial crisis or to simply keep tabs on your finances and manage your financial assets. For startups, this program is a great platform for creating goals and raising capital.


Key Features:

  • Comprehensive analysis of personal and business financial statements
  • Narrative, numerical, and graphical reports
  • Gain valuable insight into your finance patterns
  • Explore business opportunities
  • Establish reasonable goals and expectations
  • Identify problem areas and modify operational strategies
  • Realistic business models and projections for raising capital
  • Financial ratio analysis, global cash flow and compliance, benchmarking
  • Document tracking, collateral monitoring and reminder letters


Cost: Contact for a quote


16. PlanGuru



PlanGuru features advanced tools for business that makes the software well worth the investment. Discover how you can take everything, from the past, present, and future, and put it into one easy-to-analyze program. Import up to five years of previous data, and create projections up to 10 years.


Key Features:

  • Integrated income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow
  • Robust planning framework with custom forecasting tools
  • Save as PDF or Excel files
  • Automatically view financial breakdowns and ratios
  • Create an unlimited number of projection workbooks
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive financial model



  • PlanGuru Basic: $399.95
  • PlanGuru Enhanced: $799.95
  • Additional users, add-ons and networking capabilities influence final cost


17. SimpleKPI



SimpleKPI helps you keep track of key performance indicators with reports, dashboards, and sophisticated data analysis. With a simple, intuitive interface, easy data entry, advanced analysis and visual reporting features, SimpleKPI helps you make sense out of your company’s financial picture – and easily share impressive progress and performance reports with partners and stakeholders.


Key Features:

  • Define and measure your progress
  • View reports detailing your goals and progress
  • Drill-down into performance data
  • Multi-dimensional KPI reports
  • Streamlined, centralized interface to view full KPI info
  • View by individual, department, team or full company
  • Determine root cause, highlight key performers
  • Compare trends and statistics
  • Set up alerts on business-related events
  • Enjoy cloud-based software



  • Priced per user
  • 1 user: $17/month
  • 10% discount for annual billing


18. NetSuite



NetSuite is a helpful tool that delivers top-notch accounting services. Based in the cloud, there’s no IT burden involved. Seamlessly manage bills and income to keep tabs on your financial circumstances through an intuitive interface and a natural workflow that will fit easily into your typical processes.


Key Features:

  • Full drill-down visibility from financial statement to transaction
  • Process requisitions to vendor payments – end-to-end solution
  • Process sales estimates
  • View underlying details of a transaction
  • Built-in tax intelligence for accurate sales tax calculations
  • Plan for your financial future
  • Manage orders and bills


Cost: Contact for a quote


19. Adaptive Reporting




Set your business up for financial success from the start with AdaptiveInsights’ powerful, flexible suite of tools. Download the Adaptive Reporting software—and its sister program, Adaptive Planning—to gain access to incredible financial management options.


Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop custom report builder
  • Self-service management reporting for budget managers
  • Management reports, budget and financial reports
  • Drill down to transaction-level details across reports
  • Import transaction-level details from other sources
  • All variant analysis within a single tool
  • Compare scenarios and gain insights to drive smarter decision-making


Cost: Contact for a quote


20. The Cash Flow Tool




The Cash Flow Tool helps eliminate the financial chaos within your business, so you can focus on the things that matter without the stress of financial matters hanging over your head. The Cash Flow Tool creates easy-to-read reports that show precisely where your money is going. The program works with other top software options like Quickbooks, and you can view your reports in daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly views.


Key Features:

  • The Cash Flow Visualizer for instant feedback
  • Add recurring items
  • View and compare scenarios
  • Edit invoices
  • Add expected payroll amounts
  • Get reports on your data


Cost: $489


21. Budget Maestro




If budgeting weighs on your mind at night and you’re stressing about business finances, Budget Maestro can simplify financial management and provide the insights you need to move forward confidently. This tool delivers easy-to-use and flexible options that will help you in all your budgeting needs. Try it free for 15 days to see if it fits your needs.


Key Features:

  • Access cash flow, income, and balance sheet reporting
  • View “What If” scenarios
  • User-friendly, central interface
  • Automatic consolidation of multiple units, locations, products, etc.
  • Wizards, menus, drop-down options and more
  • Easily adapts to your preferred structure and reporting requirements


Cost: Contact for a quote


22. HostAnalytics



Plan for your financial future, view reports and analytics, and consolidate it all in one place with HostAnalytics, a centralized platform for taking control of your finances and streamlining your reporting, monitoring and management in a single interface. Eliminate siloes of financial data and disjointed tools that take valuable time to consolidate and interpret.


Key Features:

  • Drive Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  • Planning, reporting, consolidation, reporting and analytics
  • Streamlined planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Empower your accounting and finance execs with actionable insights
  • Flexible and adaptable to meet changing needs
  • Keep data safe with state-of-the-art security
  • Cloud-based platform for anywhere-accessibility
  • Automatic data backup in the cloud


Cost: Contact for a quote


23. ProjectionHub




Spreadsheets not your thing? Don’t spend hours going over your financial data line-by-line. Make the best use of your time and leave the complicated data analysis to ProjectionHub. Whether you’re a startup that hasn’t made a single sale, but you need solid financial projections to attract potential investors, or you’re an existing business with sales history, ProjectionHub is a valuable resource for analyzing your financial picture and taking a glimpse into the future. ProjectionHub offers various service levels that include personalized consulting combined with customized reports, in addition to the self-service web application.


Key Features:

  • Choose self-service web app or consulting packages
  • Create and download projection reports
  • Free email support
  • Project up to three years
  • Download as an Excel file
  • Access how-to videos



  • Web App: Contact for a quote
  • Services:
    • Basic Package: $250 (1 hour consult, cash flow statement)
    • Revenue Package: $350 (2 hour consult, custom revenue model)
    • Cash Flow Package: $450 (2 hour consult, cash projection model)


24. Expert Business Case

Boost your business results and save time with Expert Business Case software from MBAWare. Instead of doing it all by hand, you’ll gain access to detailed analysis reports showing multi-year financial scenarios. When you’re not sure how certain situations will impact your business, Expert Business Case clears up your uncertainties and enables you to make the right decisions to ensure financial success.


Key Features:

  • View financial cash flow models
  • Make decisions and gain approvals from stakeholders or partners
  • Compare alternatives with financial and non-financial factors
  • Determine the criteria that will have the greatest effect on change
  • Analyze the risk and odds of failure and success



  • Standard: $295
  • Pro: $445


25. Forecast Pro

ForecastPro, as its name suggests, emphasizes financial forecasting with a sophisticated analytics suite that turns raw data into easy-to-digest charts, graphs, and other data visualizations. With beautiful graphics you can embed into proposals and reports, ForecastPro not only aids you in financial decision-making, but it can be a valuable tool to paint your business in the best possible light to attract investors. View hierarchical data, generate forecasts for thousands of items in seconds, and collaborate with others on your team.


Key Features:

  • Manage, monitor and improve forecasting processes
  • Hierarchical data displayed in a tree-like structure
  • Automatic “best pick” lets you choose among thousands of items
  • Menu-based custom modeling options
  • Flexibility to accommodate tons of variants
  • Flexible exception reporting with multiple built-in reports
  • Export to Excel
  • Add business judgments to forecasts
  • Change measurement units
  • Assign classifications
  • Monitor performance
  • Consolidate various forecasts


Cost (Single License costs reflected, bulk discounts apply for multi-license bundles):

  • ForecastPro TRAC:
    • Forecaster License: $8,995
    • Collaborator License: $1,795
    • ForecastPro Unlimited:
      • Forecaster License: $4,995
      • Collaborator License: $995
    • ForecastPro XE: $1,295


26. Forecast Server

Forecast Server is another extremely useful tool when it comes to predicting your financial future. Use the program to estimate cash flow, sales, profit, inventory, and more, and tap into advanced reporting capabilities to communicate results to key stakeholders.


Key Features:

  • Integrates with current systems
  • Test business systems with what-if scenarios and real-time data
  • Changes within your company automatically flow into projections
  • Supports fixed-horizon, rolling and real-time forecasting
  • View and track changes to forecasts
  • Collaborate with team members and stakeholders
  • Create sophisticated reports
  • Cloud-based software for anywhere-accessibility


Cost: Contact for a quote


27. SageWorks




SageWorks’ financial analysis tool makes it easy to generate financial reports. Enter financial data and transform it into ratio analysis, industry comparison, and trend analysis reports, and the platform automatically suggests areas for improvement with actionable advice. SageWorks aims to make financial reports accessible to non-financial team members by generating intuitive, plain-language reports for better communication.


Key Features:

  • Gain insight to where your business can improve
  • Generate comprehensive reports
  • Share reports with others
  • Export to slideshow format for presentations
  • Illustrate liquidity, profitability, sales, borrowing, assets and employees
  • Industry benchmarking


Cost: Contact for a quote


28. QlikView for Finance




QlikView’s goal is to enable people to make insightful decisions and then take action on them.

Create transparency and facilitate profitability by synthesizing and aligning financial and accounting data, reduce costs and risks, and uncover hidden insights and opportunities to make smarter financial decisions.



Key Features:

  • Compliance and risk management with deep insights
  • Creates a single, holistic view of planning and budgeting
  • Integrate multi-source data and align governance models
  • Analyze forecast assumptions, outputs, budgets and plans
  • Monitor employee spending and overall spending trends
  • Generate comprehensive visual reports
  • Manage cash flow and balance sheets
  • Revenue and profitability management



  • Costs vary based on license options
  • QlikView Client License Pricing:
    • Personal Edition: FREE
    • Document License: $350/user/document
    • Concurrent License: $15,000/concurrent user
    • QlikView Server License Pricing:
      • Enterprise Edition Server: $35,000/server
      • Other options and add-ons impact final price
    • QlikView Expressor:
      • Expressor Desktop: FREE
      • Expressor Server, Standard Version: $50,000
      • Expressor Server, Enterprise Version: $95,000
      • Expressor Test Servers: 50% of list server price
    • Other options available (pricing varies)
      • Maintenance and Support
      • Add-On Products
      • Training and Services


29. EasyInsight



Discover a simple solution to your financial organization needs with EasyInsight’s SaaS solution. Instantly connect with other programs to import your data, generate intuitive reports, export them for external communications, and more with straightforward drag-and-drop functionality and a streamlined, visual interface.


Key Features:

  • Build custom reports with drag-and-drop dashboard tools
  • Integrate with third-party systems to pull relational data
  • Ad hoc creation of lists, charts, graphs, maps, guides and more
  • Augment data with custom fields
  • Export reports
  • Set up report hierarchies
  • View reports created by others in your community
  • Connect with external programs



  • Base price: $50/month
  • Multiple add-ons available

30. Kiva




KivaZip, currently in Alpha phase, connects small business owners with individual investors to benefit both parties. KivaZip aims support “financially excluded and socially impactful entrepreneurs,” according to the company’s Twitter profile. It functions as a crowd-funding platform where lenders can get in on the action with socially responsible startups serving the greater good, providing interest-free loans, and startups can seek funding for their meaningful activities.


Key Features:

  • Access funding
  • Develop personal connections with investors
  • Lowers borrowing costs
  • Pay loan fees via PayPal
  • Foster a community of brand ambassadors


Cost: FREE


31. Xero


Xero delivers simple accounting software ideal for small businesses that want to streamline their financial and accounting needs. With a single click, you can view and share real-time budgets and interactive reports, putting the information you need at your fingertips when you need to send reports to external stakeholders.



Key Features:

  • View reports in over 40 categories
  • Quickly create 1099s
  • Export your files
  • Track trends in various categories
  • Create invoices



  • Starter: $9/month – 1 GB, no employees paid/month
  • Standard: $30/month – 5 GB, 1 employee paid/month
  • Premium 10: $70/month – 10 GB, 10 employees paid/month
  • Premium 20: $90/month – 20 GB, 20 employees paid/month
  • Premium 100: $18/month – 100 GB, 100 employees paid/month


32. LivePlan




LivePlan is a spectacular tool that can help you build a business plan without the hassle. Use the tool to create a business plan with over 500 samples, pitch investors for funding, and track your business success.




Key Features:

  • Create a plan without doing the calculations
  • Develop charts detailing your financial plan
  • Discover forecast reports
  • Receive expert guidance
  • Access from any device



  • Annual Plan: $11.66/month
  • Monthly Plan: $19.95/month

33. Procurify




Procurify takes the hassle out of cost management, delivering tools to help you save on purchases. Discover how easy it is to go paperless by creating expense files, managing orders, and developing goals from anywhere. With real-time data, your financial circumstances are always within clear view and you can quickly identify areas of concern and top-performing departments.


Key Features:

  • Track real-time data
  • Monitor performance by department
  • Create and monitor a budget
  • Collaborate with others
  • Real-time notifications
  • Travel and expense management
  • Upload receipts for paperless documentation
  • Purchase approval routing


Cost: $45 per user per month


34. Microsoft Dynamics




When your business expands and your initial financial tools aren’t enough to handle your growing demands, Microsoft Dynamics is there to solve your problems. Discover what it’s like to have complete control over your business finances with features like insightful dashboards, business reporting, and payroll management delivered and managed within a single platform for full visibility. It’s scalable, so whether you’ll eventually need to manage financials across countries, business units, locations, business lines, or another variable, Microsoft Dynamics will expand along with your business.


Key Features:

  • Monitor banking activity
  • Automate various processes
  • Get reminders
  • Share data with others on your team
  • Receive reports
  • Scalable to accommodate growth


Cost: Contact for a quote


35. Workday




Workday’s financial real-time insights tool delivers more than just numbers on a spreadsheet, providing the comprehensive reporting, analytics, and digestible, actionable insights you need to help your business succeed.  Capture and analyze financial data, make better decisions for your business, and do it all in real-time.


Key Features:

  • Track your revenue
  • Track expenses
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Manage grant proposals
  • Track and manage bank accounts
  • Real-time, consolidated trial balance reports


Cost: Contact for a quote


36. webKPI


Gain a better understanding of your key performance indicators with webKPI. Use the program to access details about your business’s most important metrics, and grab quick overviews of your business’s health on demand to make the best decisions to support your goals.



Key Features:

  • Upload data from QuickBooks
  • View easy-to-read reports, graphs, and charts
  • Quickly complete financial ratios and statements
  • Compare your health to others in your industry
  • Understand various financial scenarios


Cost: Contact for a quote


37. SAP Cloud for Finance

With a cloud solution like SAP Cloud for Finance, you’ll completely streamline your financial reporting and management processes so you can devote your time to more profitable activities than spending hours conducting data entry and working with spreadsheets. Gain insight into your financial trends, manage your finances when traveling, and track it all from your mobile device.


Key Features:

  • View real-time data on your cash flow
  • Control travel expenses
  • Improve corporate compliance
  • Store receipts
  • Automate invoices
  • Integrate with banks
  • Visibility into cash flow and liquidity
  • Get business insights on the go from your mobile device


Cost: Contact for a quote


38. Funding Roadmap



This Funding Roadmap program—with Crowdfunding Roadmap option—allows you to organize your business plan in a hassle-free session to put you on the road toward business success. From collaborating with your partners on creating your business plan to benchmarking it against your leading competitors and perfecting your pitch, Funding Roadmap literally guides you from point A to point Z.


Key Features:

  • Access a multiple choice network that does the work for you
  • Access funding opportunities
  • Create a video elevator pitch
  • Share your plan with others
  • Gain valuable business insight
  • Collaborate, benchmark, pitch and more


Cost: $59.99 per year


39. iPlanner



Along with delivering business planning software that will help you develop a business plan to promote your success, iPlanner offers financial planning options, too. With this program, you’ll be able to answer tough questions in a simple format. Figure out how much money you need to make to cover expenses, how much startup costs will be, how many employees you can afford, and other finance-related questions regarding your startup.


Key Features:

  • Create multiple hypothetical scenarios
  • Perform financial projections and performance ratios
  • Standards-based financial projections and reports
  • Monthly, quarterly, annual planning
  • Raise finances for your startup
  • Assign roles and privileges to team members
  • Give monitoring capabilities to accountants, advisors and others
  • Single-click functionality for assigning roles, tasks, etc.
  • Templates and examples



  • Professional: $22/3 months, 1 project
  • Corporate: $61/6 months, 3 projects
  • Corporate Plus: Contact for a quote
  • Additional pricing options based on # of projects, subscription length


40. Prevision EPM

Performance management and monitoring shouldn’t be a complicated, messy process that involves a frustrating attempt to consolidate data from siloed sources into some cohesive combination that makes some semblance of sense to your stakeholders. Prevision EPM solves that challenge with the tools you need to create an efficient, streamlined operation that’s integrated fully with reporting mechanisms for automated, clear, and common-sense payroll, business analytics, budgeting, planning and projections.


Key Features:

  • Comprehensive budget planning
  • Access forecasting reports
  • Plan and manage payroll
  • Flexible financial planning solutions
  • Discover analytics to track your business success
  • Involve operations, gain insights, and manage risks
  • Auto-populating and multiple budgeting methodologies


Cost: Contact for a quote


41. BudgetPak




XLerant’s BudgetPak delivers all the benefits of the cloud, plus it does all the hard work for you through sophisticated analysis and a step-by-step, guided process to create a customized budget. You’re not forced into specific methodologies or formats, and you benefit from tons of automation, simple interfaces, ample support and guided processes, such as predictive, what-if scenarios, for the most accurate and comprehensive results.


Key Features:

  • Access your data anytime, anywhere
  • Situational budgeting capability
  • Interactive budget maps
  • Salary planning
  • Built-in documentation and note capabilities
  • Asset planning
  • Forecasting
  • What-if analysis
  • Automated approval workflows


Cost: Contact for a quote


42. NeuBrain


NeuBrain performs several major finance functions to help you manage it all from one place. Use the program to set up financial forecasts to help make the best business decisions, create a budget to avoid taking on debt you don’t need, and manage your performance to monitor progress towards specific goals, identify your most profitable assets, products, or people and capitalize on your most profitable areas while reducing uncovered problems. Neubrain offers a suite of products for business intelligence and analytics.


Key Features:

  • Integrates with a variety of financial and operational systems
  • Flexible budget submission and approval workflows
  • Automated OPEX, CAPEX, P&L, and Balance Sheet budgets
  • Supports a multitude of budgeting methodologies
  • Salary and benefits forecasting
  • Powerful  reporting on a variety of views and metrics
  • Allocations and Activity-based Costing (ABC)
  • Built-in functions, rules, and algorithms for forecasting and planning


Cost: Contact for a quote


43. Vena

If you’re a spreadsheet lover, you don’t have to feel the need to abandon them completely to streamline processes. Vena offers the unique opportunity to continue using the spreadsheet layouts and processes you’re comfortable with, while saving you time by transforming Excel spreadsheets into a full-scale solution.


Key Features:

  • Create templates
  • Generate a single spreadsheet for the whole company
  • Perform functions in Excel
  • Maintain your existing functions
  • Connect existing spreadsheets to the centralized base
  • Allocations, eliminations, top-down and bottom-up budgeting


Cost: Contact for a quote


44. Visual Cash Focus

When keeping a close eye on your money through budgeting and forecasting is important to your business success—and it should be—Visual Cash Focus can help you develop plans and reports with a user-friendly interface.



Key Features:

  • Monitor your budget and cash flow
  • View budget forecasts
  • Stay confident with automatic calculations
  • Set up “What If” scenarios


Cost (Note: $ Costs represent AUD – Australian currency):

  • Standard Edition: $1,400
  • Gold Edition: $2,500
  • Network Versions:
    • 1 user: $3,950
    • 2 user: $6,100
    • 3 user: $6,250


45. Control


Control is a comprehensive corporate performance management platform for businesses of all sizes. Delivering end-to-end functionality for both implementing and monitoring strategy, via a closed loop platform and central repository coupled with real-time monitoring and data capture, Control provides the sophistication you need with the simplicity you demand.


Key Features:

  • Strategic planning and monitoring
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Consolidations
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Plan objectives, work towards goals and monitor progress
  • Unified source of data
  • Extensible and scalable
  • Real-time planning, simulation and analysis


Cost: Contact for a quote


46. Invest for Excel

When you love the flexibility of Excel but want more, Invest for Excel is there to deliver those extra easy-to-use features. Large and small companies alike use the program to perform clear calculations and manage cash flow and projections. Plus, you don’t need excellent Excel skills to effectively manage your Invest for Excel data.


Key Features:

  • Utilize numerous calculation functions
  • Prepare cash flow models and profit analysis
  • Profitability and sensitivity analysis
  • Conduct reviews
  • Manage income statements and budgets
  • Use in multiple languages



  • Lite: $1,050 per license
  • Standard: $2,150 per license
  • Pro: $2,950 per license
  • Enterprise: $5,700 per license
  • Bulk license discounts apply


47. Allocadia




Allocadia opts to remove spreadsheets from the financial planning equation altogether, creating a user-friendly experience in a comprehensive program that handles calculations and analytics, revenue forecasts and more. Performance reports are easily generated with a few simple clicks, delivered in an aesthetically-pleasing format so you can maintain full visibility into your company’s financial health.


Key Features:

  • Generate revenue forecasts
  • Create plans and budgets
  • Analyze your data in easy-to-read formats
  • View performance reports
  • Collaborate with others
  • Align corporate strategy
  • Forecast return on investment
  • Predict revenue impact



  • Marketer: $59/user/month – 5 budgets
  • Team: $99/user/month – 25 budgets
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote


48. BizBudg


BizBudg makes it easy to see where your money is going and coming from. Track your expenses and profits all within a single dashboard, with no wasted time trying to mesh data from multiple sources. And, all key data is at-a-glance so identifying financial trends is simple.




Key Features:

  • Access instant income statements
  • Scalable – add new users, business units, accounts or reconfigure entirely
  • Quick 5-step setup
  • Eliminates 80% of the typical budget planning time by consolidating data
  • Access your account from anywhere
  • Built-in financial forecasting
  • Instant profit and loss statements
  • Export to Excel or print your reports



  • Multiple price levels
  • Single: $9/month/1 user
  • Gold: $80/month/10 users
  • Enterprise: $240/month/30 users


49. Budget Controller

Budget Controller is a financial planning program designed to extend the functionality of Microsoft Excel. Managing your budgets and forecasts becomes simple with cash-flow projections, future profit simulations, and multiple reporting options based on key financial ratios. Use the program to determine your future profitability with “What If” scenarios and other useful planning tools.


Key Features:

  • Start your fiscal year in any month
  • Forecast up to 6 years
  • Enjoy utilities that help speed up data entry
  • Calculate income tax
  • Create your own layouts
  • Use in multiple languages


Cost (Note: Pricing in £)

  • 1 user: £49
  • 3 users: £125
  • 10 users: £350


50. Budget Cruncher

With Budget Cruncher, you’ll discover a simple solution to managing your business budget. Not only can you create customized budgets, but you can take advantage of other financial and accounting tools, such as invoice and payroll processing, budget proposals and approvals, and more.



Key Features:

  • Create and process invoices
  • Manage projects
  • Set up budget proposals and get them approved
  • Create timesheets


Cost: FREE



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  1. I like the fact that some of these offer QuickBooks integration in that either data from QuickBooks can be uploaded and used in the tool, or that data from the application can be imported into QuickBooks. Having this cross-application ability speeds up some back office processes, making life for small business owners just a little bit easier.

  2. We completely agree Kelly. Thank you for sharing this perspective as well. We like anything that makes a small business owners life a little easier.

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    Finstanon is an online tool for financial analysis and interpretation. Whenever you need a smart and unique factual conclusion on your company or on a company you are going to invest money in, you simply input its financial statement data on the website and get a detailed report on its performance and position. The analysis includes the most widely used ratio calculations and interpretations, financial failure forecasts, graphs, diagrams and detailed conclusions.

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