Six 2016 Small Business Updates

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As December is coming to an end, the fresh start of January is right around the corner (3 days to be precise). We’ve all made it and it’s been a great year! But, with the unknown of 2016, is your small business ready for the new age? Here at Direct Capital, we’ve created a check-list to make sure we’re all strapped in for the New Year.

  1. Re-Evaluate Your Mission Statement and Goals.
    As a business owner, we know you’re well aware how frequently things can change. Whether it be your interests or competition, it’s possible that your business road-map hasn’t taken you to where you originally set off to be, and that’s just fine. Step back, take a breath, and review.
  2. Feedback.
    You must be open to criticism. Your employees, advisors, and even board members will appreciate it when you ask for their feedback on what improvements or changes can be used to improve success.
  3. Your Social Media and Marketing Strategies.
    One thing that is well known about social media is how rapidly it can change. If you missed it, check out our post on Social Media for your Business: Myth vs. Fact.
    Now is also the time to see your conversion rates from the previous year to see what worked and what didn’t.
  4. Update Your Technology Footprint.
    Slow internet, operating systems from 3 years ago, and rusty old tools can frustrate your clients and employees. Simple tasks can turn into chores and can eat up valuable time. If you need upgraded equipment, we can offer a Fair Market Value Lease that is great for that!
  5. Plan Ahead.
    Some people are naturally pros when it comes to planning. Some, including myself, aren’t the best at remembering todays schedule let alone next week’s. If you’re a pro, give yourself a pat on the back. If you’re like me, there’s still hope for us. Start trying to manage your calendar application or even a hard copy and go month by month to schedule and plan ahead.
  6. Learn One New Thing.
    Learning something new is a great way to engage your mind, keep yourself sharp, and even become smarter.

Direct Capital wishes you and your business success in 2016. And when you need new equipment or some extra cash to keep things moving, we’ll be here. Just click on the banner below to learn more about what we can do for you next year.

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