Simple Ways to Make Yourself Smarter

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One of the greatest mysteries in humanity is the inner workings of the human brain. With the advancement of neuroscience, we’ve learned that we can train our brains to be positive, express creativity and to think more clearly. At Direct Capital, we’ve put our heads together in the lab to bring you six easy ways to make yourself smarter.

  1. Read the newspaper.
    Instead of vegging out watching the news on TV, you are gaining a lot more insight by reading the newspaper because you can give more thought on the subject matter. There’s also the crosswords and Sudoku to get your noggin working.
  2. Adopt a productive hobby you can practice on a daily basis.
    Not only will you be able to have bragging rights of saying you can DJ, but you are giving your brain a workout by learning something new. Teaching yourself how to do something you’ve never done (but always wanted to try) takes brainpower more so than being taught by someone else.
  3. Do something scary.
    This doesn’t mean spending a night running away from masked beings at a haunted lake. This means getting yourself out of your comfort zone. When you get out of your comfort zone, you’re more receptive to what is going on causing stimulation in the brain. Plus, you’ll be far more willing to take positive risks in the future.
  4. Set aside some time to do nothing.
    When saying do nothing, this actually means do nothing. Set yourself aside and just focus on your breathing. Now that you’re recharged, go take on something new. Your brain can only sprint for so long.
  5. Apply what you learn.
    During college, I took German language classes. Even after graduating I speak German from time to time. When you access the cortex, you’re turning short term memories into long term memories, thus engaging your brain.
  6. Follow Up with Your questions.
    Scientia Potentia Est – Knowledge is Power. Rather than leaving yourself in a cliff-hanger, invent solutions. Not only will you know the answer to your question, but you will also be strengthening your mind to find those answers.                                                      

What do you partake in to make yourself smarter? Or how do you continue to train your brain? Let us know by leaving a comment or on Twitter (@DirectCapital)!

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