Section 179 2013 Ebook For Small Business

Section 179
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We know the changes to Section 179 benefit small businesses who want to lease or purchase equipment. Being able to deduct up to $500,000 in equipment doesn’t just give you a powerful incentive to get that necessary bulldozer you’ve been putting off obtaining. It also helps to save you money.

What you don’t know is how much money it will save you, and that may hold you back from getting the equipment you need. Wonder no longer, however, because we’ve updated our Direct Capital Section 179 ebook to reflect the recent changes made in Congress. Now you can use our workbook to figure out your potential deduction, read up on some of the changes and gain a deeper understanding of how the deduction works and find additional resources. Did we mention that this is all free? Because it is.

Just click on this link to be taken to our ebook page, where you can get access to this free webinar right now.

If you have further questions, ask us in the comments or consult a tax professional. Good luck with Section 179!