Score A Touchdown With Our Equipment Finance Playbook

beer, football and burger
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Football season is here!  This is the time where people like to go out and enjoy some food and brews with friends at local restaurants and bars. How can you maximize this opportunity to have a great season alongside your favorite football team? There are times where you will run into certain ‘situations’ and you will need the right ‘play’ to keep the momentum rolling. We’ve put together a series of posts on the way financing can help your restaurant business.

The Situation: A Zone Blitz

You have a restaurant full of people, but your current equipment is out of date. Your refrigerator is old and dying, your grill isn’t firing up like it used to and even your bar countertop is cracked.  In return, it is taking more time and energy to serve your customers to the point where your equipment is “nickel and diming” you, costing you more than it should while you try to meet your customers’ needs.

Even if your equipment is new, not having enough or the right equipment to properly meet your business needs is also a problem. This could be costing you in other ways by not being able to adequately store enough food, not being able to cook as many menu items at a time due to a lack of oven space, and the like. This ends up blocking both your sales and your growth.

The Play: A Nickel And Dime Defense

Your equipment does not have to “nickel and dime” you. It may be time to upgrade and/or expand with new equipment. Many new appliances use energy saving technology, so that can help you cut down on costs over the long haul.

Even though purchasing equipment can be costly, you have to think, “Will this increase my return on investment, since I am now properly able to meet my customer’s demands?”

The return on investment comes from the ability to serve more customers and no longer having equipment repair costs to cover.  And with larger food storage equipment capacity you can save money buying inventory in larger batches, lowering costs in every aspect of your business.

That’s how you score a touchdown with equipment finance!

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