Roll Out Your Small Business Product Quickly

Business Product Launching
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This Friday, an article by Chuck Blakeman over at BizEngine caught my eye. The article makes the case that small businesses should launch their products before they’re fully “ready.”

That might sound insane on the surface—don’t you want your product to be the best it possibly can be?—but I found it to be an interesting point. The upshot is that you don’t have to spend weeks, months or years perfecting your product. If it’s good, if it has no safety hazards and there’s demand for it, you can launch it, sell it and worry about tweaking it to perfection after the fact.

This is particularly true if your product is software. Customers have come to expect that software patches, fixes and upgrades will be released along the way, so there’s very little downside in releasing a quality if not perfect product a little early. Frequently, you’ll see more benefits from getting your products out in front

What do you think of Blakeman’s advice?

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