Rocky Mountain Wrecker Is The Peak Of Service

Rocky Mountain Wrecker
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If you were going to assemble the ideal small business, it might look something like Rocky Mountain Wrecker.

In business since 1968, the company has been through multiple recessions in its 44 years of business. It’s a family-owned, family-run company with six dedicated employees. Above all, Rocky Mountain Wrecker provides a needed service with a level of dependability that sets them apart.

That dependability has been a part of the company’s motto for the duration, according to owner Rick Crane, with their logo containing the words Trust, Innovation and Dependability. The company provides towing and industrial truck sales, accessories and repairs for the Salt Lake City, Utah, area.

“We are always looking to be the innovative leaders in our market, ” said Crane. “And we want to earn your trust every day and guarantee the best pricing for the product, and that we wouldn’t sell you something we wouldn’t want ourselves.”

For the innovation and dependability piece, Crane underlines the company’s commitment to selling the products of companies who share the same values, and ensuring that Rocky Mountain Wrecker sticks to those guiding principles at all times.

“We will give you innovation with every product we sale. JERR-DAN, one of the brands we sale, is the industry leader in innovation, the first company to invent the 6 Degree load angle on our flat bed tow trucks. We have been here in SLC, UT the longest out of any dealer, and we will make sure the products and repairs you are given represent our long-term dedication,” he said.

The trick for Rocky Mountain Wrecker has been taking that extremely strong business core and continuing to grow and expand it. For the company, that’s where Direct Capital has come in, offering up working capital loans* that allow the company to more aggressively market itself and entrench in new areas.

“Direct Capital has helped us reach out to market outside of our normal areas,” Crane said.

With a firm base business and a bright future, Rocky Mountain Wrecker may seem like the last business to give advice to those just starting out. But Crane acknowledged that the hardest part of running a small business is earning the trust of strangers and letting them know that his company will never stock products he himself wouldn’t use.

Every company can learn from that, he said.

“Treat the world as you would want to be treated and you will find success,” Crane said. “In return, you will find loyalty and friendship from customers, which are worth more than money.”

To learn more about Rocky Mountain Wrecker, visit their website. To find out how Direct Capital business loans and financing can help your business, visit our website.

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*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT