Rewarding Your Employees Can Be Rewarding For Your Bottom Line

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Employee morale can be a tricky thing to maintain. You don’t want to foster an environment where goofing off is encouraged, but you do want employees to be happy, healthy and productive.

One of the most effective ways to do so, experts agree, is to reward them for exceptional work. Heck, even a kind word or a quick e-mail when an employee is doing their job well is worth its weight in warm and fuzzy feelings.

Why put in the effort? Research shows that happy employees tend to be more productive employees, and productivity never hurts your profits. If employees are miserable and aren’t buying into what your company is doing, they’re less likely to put in the passion and effort that leads to business growth. It doesn’t take an enormous amount of effort to put together a decent employee recognition program, and the dividends it pays are well worth it.

To get a read on how this should work, I spoke with employees here at Direct Capital about our own appreciation policies.

Here in Direct Capital headquarters, employees are frequently recognized, singled out for praise in company meetings and given “Top Dog” awards for excellent work. Human Resources Manager Laurie Todd said one recent initiative had co-workers nominate each other for displaying exceptional devotion to core values, entering a raffle for tickets to a local sporting event as a result.

“Our Top Dog awards give an opportunity for employees who work behind the scenes to be recognized for their outstanding work. Many departments work on projects that aren’t measured in sales numbers, but have a direct impact on our business,” Todd said. “This gives us a chance to not only recognize these people, but sharing what they’ve done for the company gives everyone a deeper understanding of the overall picture and how we all come together to drive business.”

One newer employee said the use of awards and Direct Capital’s commitment to employee recognition have made her feel right at home.

“That way people with outstanding work can be noticed and appreciated. It gives them a sense of pride that they are being acknowledged,” Leane Rumson, who works in customer service at Direct Capital, said. “The energy here is so positive because of it.”

Do you use recognition in your small business to improve employee morale, or are you an employee at a company who does? Tell us your story.


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  1. Hi Dave ~

    Not only are you wise to reward and encourage employees, you’re also saving a bundle in cash and wisdom. The number 1 reason why employees leave a job is the belief that their contribution is not sought. And, when they go, they take all their accumulated knowledge about the job, its priorities, its quirks with them. They also take with them the time and money you’ll now have to invest to replace them.

  2. Rewarding employees is a great way to keep them happy and motivated, which will in turn garner better results through their work.

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