Put A Face On Your Company

Putting a face on your business
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Taxes. Regulations. Expansion. A thousand concerns and projects for thousands of small business owners across America. The crazy things happening in our nation’s capitol.

It’s clear that 2013 is going to be an awfully busy year for small businesses, one filled to the brim with challenges. The last thing you want to hear from

Every business needs a face. For Direct Capital, that face is quite naturally Jim Broom, our gregarious and worldly CEO, who has been piloting the company through nearly two decades of success. At your business, that face could be a CEO, a manager or an  employee particularly good at connecting with customers. It could be a mascot. It could be a cartoon, or even just a logo. What matters is that you have a face.

This is not rocket scientists. Customers are more likely to identify with a company that has a friendly, readily identifiable person or symbol associated with it. Companies like State Farm do well with celebrities, but chances are your small business doesn’t have that option. You’re better off finding a charismatic employee or oddball mascot.

It’s not necessarily easy to pick the face of your business, but here’s a checklist to get you started down the right path.

  • Know what face fits your business. If you’re in the tax business, chances are you want someone serious and with an air of authority, not a cartoon character. If you’re in the restaurant business, maybe you want someone with more of a fun air. You’ve got to tailor your face to your business.
  • Figure out how to effectively use them. If it’s someone you’re hiring as a spokesperson, you’re going to have to pay them, and you’ll want to get your money’s worth in advertising. If it’s an employee, figure out how they can be the face of your business and still perform the duties they need to perform.
  • Make sure your face knows your business inside and out. This is easy if it’s you, the owner, who is taking on that role. It’s more difficult if you have an extremely funny employee who has only been with you for six months.

Whether you follow our guidelines or not, put a recognizable face on your business. Your customers will thank you for it.

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