Proven Vendor Strategies for Boosting Sales

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Our Guide to Increasing Revenue Year-Over-Year

There’s a lot more to business than boosting sales, but it’s a safe bet for us to assume that ranks pretty high up on the list. As a vendor or equipment dealer you always need to find new ways to keep the revenue coming in. You can only go so far in promoting your products – so what other ways are there to boost sales?

Direct Capital partners with a number of vendors across the country and help them boost sales with the use of our streamlined digital lending platform. But, we also utilize our expertise in the industry to provide tips and advice on other ways businesses like yours can increase revenue.

Here’s our list of proven vendor strategies to boost sales, grow, and succeed. (Also check out our slideshare above for a brief overview!)

  1. Utilize technology: Of course we want to boast about our technology, as our 3 minute application and 30 second approval process is one of the fastest in the industry. Ultimately, though, we want you to choose what’s right for your business and we believe that utilizing technology (wherever it may come from) is your best option. You don’t have time for a lengthy lending process, so make sure it’s streamlined. This way, you can back to doing what you do best: Helping your customers.
  2. Customer referrals: Customers are your best form of advertising. They are already happy with your products and service and have a good idea of what a prospect needs. Your customers will refer people when they know your products are a good fit. This means that you are getting qualified leads right to your doorstep. Provide your customers with consistently good service and you’ll never have to ask for a referral. They’ll just be happy to give one.
  3. Trade shows: At this point in your career, you know how crucial trade shows are to your business. They give you a chance to put your products in the spotlight; An opportunity to broadcast new ideas and have prospects buy from you on the spot. But, have you ever considered speaking at a trade show or conference? When at a trade show, you are one in a room full of dozens of vendors. You want to stand out, and being a speaker can definitely set you apart. It also helps to build brand awareness and trust.
  4. Offer financing at trade shows: Another perfect excuse to utilize the technology! Having a system in place where you can provide your customers financing wherever you are is key to getting them to buy from you. Showing them how easy it is to buy now is the push they need to become a satisfied customer for life.
  5. Pay attention to your website: Though a lot of your customers will probably come in either through referrals or paid ads, having good content on your website will also drive traffic to your business. If you’re blogging or updating your website with content your customers care about, whether it’s business tips, industry news updates, or product information, they’ll be more likely to come back. Don’t underestimate the value of good content. Google cares about it (and will rank your website high on the search engine if it’s valuable) and your customers will too. Pro tip: Always remember to put a call to action at the end of any piece of content. This way, your customers have easy access to you and your sales team!
  6. Connect on social media: We understand you may not have a lot of time to dedicate to social media, but we suggest giving it a shot. You can utilize platforms like Linkedin and Twitter to promote sales, products, and services – and also to connect with like-minded professionals. Social media is not a place to sell but it is the perfect place to make connections with potential future buyers.
  7. Consider a Live Chat feature: Marketing manager at Netrepid Jonathan Bentz told that after adding a live chat feature to their website, they got a request for a quote the very same night. Live chat helps people that want immediate answers immediately. They don’t always have time to wait for an email or telephone response, so give them the opportunity to buy from you at a time and in a way that works for them. Convenience makes such a difference!

Direct Capital is a financing partner that understands your industry and your business needs. It’s our goal to provide you with a fast and easy payment solution for your customers.

With our streamlined technology on your side, matched with these proven sales boosting tips, your business is on a straight path to success.

To learn more about Direct Capital’s financing options, or to get started, click on the banner below. We can’t wait to be your preferred partner!

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