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When it comes to marketing your company online the discussion often revolves around three major areas of concern. Improving your search engine keyword rankings, increasing the number of pages indexed and increasing the number of incoming links to your web site.

Publishing press releases about your business is a great way to address all three of those key marketing goals. You can write original content about your product or service and how it affects the lives of your customer in a way that directly benefits your online marketing efforts.

  1. Craft your content in a manner that includes your most important keywords. This will ensure that Google makes the important association between those words and your web site. If you can link the most important keywords in your content back to your web site this adds extra ‘link juice’ to the effort as well. Once Google learns to associate those keywords with your web site you may start to improve your search engine rankings for those key words. The key here is relevance and quantity.
  2. Create a page for each content piece on your web site. This will serve as the mechanism to get more pages published in the search engines. More pages mean more opportunity to be found by users searching for your product or service.
  3. Once your content is published other business owners may publish it on their web site and provide a link back to the source author (preferably your web site). More links to your web site from external web pages means Google will start to see your site as a topical authority in addition to providing natural referral traffic.

To take your efforts to the next level you will want to use your original content and broadcast it via Press Release distribution services. This will give news outlets, niche blogs and topical web sites the opportunity to find your content and broadcast it to their communities.

To get you started we have researched and listed 10 FREE press release web sites! Take a minute to visit and register –  they cost nothing to use but your time and effort.

10 Free Press Release Distribution Web Sites to Promote Your Business


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by Daryl Eames. Senior Marketing Manager | Direct Capital Corporation