Printing Industry through the Years

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In honor of our participation at The NBM Show in Indianapolis, why not take a trip down memory lane? If you aren’t already aware, NBM stands for National Business Media, which is a business-to-business media company providing magazines, and multimedia programs. The specialty of this show is in print, so take a trip with us as we go through the history of that industry – how it started, and where we are now.

In the 1430s, an Entrepreneur name Johann Gutenberg was trying to think of an invention that would not only help society, but be lucrative as well. At that time, printing was done by having letters or images cut on blocks of wood. These blocks would then be dipped in ink and would leave an impression of the letter or the image on the paper.

As someone who had an experience working in print, Gutenberg understood that if he used the cut blocks with a machine, he could quickly print text and images with ease. He then realized that since he’s able to print things faster, he would be able produce more within the same time frame of using single blocks. Gutenberg’s invention was able to get information to the masses in a timely and cost-effective way. It’s safe to say that with the spread of information, the uneducated were able to get their hands on even more information which increased development of brand new ideas.

So, where are we now?

It’s safe to say that printing technology has far advanced since the late 1430s. You can print mostly anything today, from graphics on a t-shirt, or designs on hard surfaces. Items can even be 3-D printed for crafting purposes or prosthetics used for transplants. Talk about a huge difference from the days of printing text and images with wooden blocks.

It’s crazy to think that the printing press was created almost 586 years ago. Now that’s something you can classify as old technology. As important as that invention was then, you don’t want your industrial printers to be in use until they too are seen as historic artifacts. You want to be able to get the most recent printer in your shop. So if you’re looking to upgrade, we can help! Click the banner below to get the funds you need to get the latest and greatest printer for your shop.

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