Printing Equipment Leasing

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Why Leasing Your Printing Equipment Makes Sense

Being a business owner in the printing industry can be underwhelming at times, as the need (and want) for digital delivery options continues to increase. However, the art of commercial printing is definitely not dead and gone. There’s a lot to be optimistic about.

One thing in particular is the opportunity to go above and beyond your competition by staying up to date with the latest printing technology and equipment. And you can do that with financing.

Equipment Financing? Who Does That Anymore?

Great point – do companies want to finance equipment anymore when the chance to purchase it up front is right there in front of them? Well, while we can’t answer for everyone, our answer would be yes, financing is relevant and is becoming increasingly more popular across many industries.

Don’t believe us? Here’s some proof: The Lease Foundation found in a study that investment in equipment and software is expected to increase by at least 5.5% in 2015, with 30% of business executives surveyed responding that they plan on accessing that equipment through leases and loans.

See? There is a light at the end of the tunnel for the commercial printing industry – and it starts with you.

4 Reasons to Lease Your Printing Equipment

  1. Keep Your Money in the Bank: When thinking about making a purchase, you may look at your bank account and realize you have enough to get the job done in full, including purchasing the equipment. But, take another look. Will starting the job only leave you with, say, $1,000 in “play money” until it’s completed? You have to spread that $1,000 out for payroll and other regular business needs, so the purchase probably isn’t looking so great now. Leasing your equipment will keep that cash right where it is – in the bank – while also allowing you to bring in more revenue with the new equipment.
  2. Get the Equipment When You Want it: Which, we would assume, is right now. When you finance equipment, there’s no waiting involved. At Direct Capital, we can have the funds ready as quickly as the vendor has the equipment available for pick up. As a business owner, time is precious and cannot be wasted – we understand that – which is why we make it fast and easy.
  3. Tax Breaks: Financing and helping small businesses is our strong suit, not accounting, which is why we definitely suggest talking to your financial advisor about potential tax breaks for your specific situation. With that said, though, we do know this – a lease payment in its entirety can often be deducted as an operating expense in the period which it’s paid. This, in turn, reduces the overall cost of the lease. But don’t just take our word for it – as we said, it’s best to ask your accountant what will work best for you.
  4. Consistent Month-to-Month Payments: Sometimes, you can’t budget for a new piece of equipment, especially if it breaks down unexpectedly. That all changes when you finance. Even though you didn’t anticipate needing the equipment, you will know exactly what your monthly payments are going forward, allowing you to add them in to your budget over time. And because there is no upfront cash burden, your cash reserves are free and clear to use as you need them.

Why Direct Capital?

Printing equipment financing is one of our specialties, so you can expect to be in good hands when you choose us as your financial partner.

We work with a number of printing vendors across the United States, and are always excited to embark upon journeys with new customers. We’ve been in the leasing business since our inception in 1993 – so you can trust we know our stuff.

For more information on our equipment financing program, or to get started, call 866-777-0117 or visit our website!