One Final Reminder: Today Is Tax Day

tax lettering on walltax lettering on wall
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Though I’m sure everyone is aware of this by now, today is the tax filing deadline. If you haven’t filed your return yet, sprint down to the post office and do so. The Internal Revenue Service may not directly thank you, but not getting audited is close enough.

With that reminder out of the way, I thought I would look quickly at what our recent poll turned up. Only four people answered—that’s what I get for posting a poll on a sleepy Thursday, I guess—but all said they were expecting a return in 2011. Based on my casual conversations with co-workers and friends in the last few days, it seems many are.

Reader bender outlined what he’ll be using his return for:

Yep, got a good one this year.

Putting some into auto maintenance and using some for a trip to New Orleans to see family. The rest we’re just going to save for now.

Add your two cents—or whatever your refund ends up being—in the comments below.


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