No Entrepreneur Goes Alone: Intuit Offering Up Cash For Start-Ups

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Last week, we talked about our own in-house efforts to step up the equipment finance deals available for start-ups. As anyone who has ever tried to strike out on their own knows, so much hinges on your ability to get working capital* and business financing as you toddle on your small business feet.

So it’s heartening that in addition to our own efforts, other companies are stepping up their aid to entrepreneurs, who represent a growing field in the U.S. Today, small business titan—that may be an oxymoron of sorts—Intuit is committing $37 million toward products and services aimed at entrepreneurs:

“Entrepreneurs and small businesses play a major role in the economic recovery,” said Kiran Patel, executive vice president and general manager at Intuit. “We are pleased that supporting and celebrating entrepreneurs is a major priority for President Obama’s economic strategy, and are happy to contribute to this partnership. With millions of small business owners trusting us to help run their businesses, it’s our responsibility to play an active role in this collective effort to spark new job growth.”

The last sentence is one that draws particular interest, given the fact that small businesses and job growth have been intimately linked this year. The more businesses that offer up funding and support for entrepreneurs, the more will hopefully be able to get their business ideas off the ground, which will hopefully lead to more jobs. It also should inspire businesses, advocacy groups and the government to get more involved in stepping up aid to small businesses. Hey, we can hope!

What are your thought’s on Intuit’s efforts?


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*Working capital not available in the following states: AK, DE, ND, VT