NFL Lockout Could Tackle Small Business

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As a big football fan, the potential for an NFL labor stoppage is a frightening one for me. If you own a small business with ties to the sport, it’s got to be downright terrifying.

It’s unclear at this point how likely a lockout is, but the relationship between owners and the NFL Players Association has been shaky at best in recent months. Any labor stoppage could destroy the institution of free agency, screw up the start of the season and lead to a lot of pissed off fans across the U.S.

If you’re a business owner, however, it might tackle your bank account first.

According to Huffington Post blogger Michael Sinensky, who owns four New York Jets-friendly bars in New York, a lockout would be a crushing blow to small businesses across America who depend on the country’s most popular sport. That includes bars, restaurants, vendors and a host of other companies that rely on Sunday football and the weeklong anticipation that goes with it, and could put huge dents in their revenues.

He ends his article with an impassioned plea to the league to think about businesses affected by the decisions they make.

“Yes, the NFL’s millionaires (the players) and billionaires (the owners) would suffer from a lockout. But it seems those who will be hurt the most by an NFL lockout will be the small business owners, also known as the “thousandaires.” I beg both sides to work something out and avoid further crippling this economy,” Sinensky wrote.

Sinensky’s blog post is worth reading, whether you’re an NFL fan or not. If your business will be affected by a lockout, sound off in the comments.

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