News With A Side Of Fries: Your March 22 Franchise Roundup

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Today, Direct Capital Blog is hitting you with a piping-hot plate of news from around the world of franchise. Get your forks and knives ready.

Behold The Power Of Franchises

China is well-known for its consumption of pork, so the fact that chicken is now the most-consumed meat in the country of 1.4 billion is a testament to how far poultry has come. It’s also largely attributable to Yum Brands! chain KFC, according to

According to writer Melanie Warner, KFC is by far the largest single restaurant franchise in China, having some 3,900 locations across the country. Their success at getting the Chinese to eat more chicken has been a combination of introducing popular American fare like the bucket of chicken—which sounds really good about now—and tailoring its menu to traditional Chinese tastes. Might be a good time to get your hands on some franchise financing and hop on a plane if you’re a KFC franchisee.

It’s a reminder that franchises can bring their brand to bear and truly have a transformational effect on the way people eat. Oh, and lest you think China is the only market KFC is thriving in, you’ll want to check out this ABC News story about how the company’s chicken has become an iconic Christmas meal in Japan.

Failure With A Smile

Let’s face it, gentle readers. You’re human. At some point in your life, no matter what the chipper authors of your favorite self-help books want to write, you’re going to fail.

This needn’t be thought of as a crisis. In fact, Duct Tape Marketing suggests that you can pull some positives out of failure, as long as you make it customer-focused.

What does that mean? It means always err on the side of the customer. You’re not encouraging your company to make mistakes, as the blog notes, but you are encouraging your employees to ensure the customer walks away happy. It’s better to make a mistake in that direction than have an enraged customer because your policies don’t allow you to acknowledge or fix an error.

Franchising’s Economic Impact

We’ll finish up our batch of links for the day with something that may be of more local interest.

The International Franchise Association has undertaken a study that aims to measure the economic impact of franchises on their local communities on the linked page, which they called Building Opportunity. The study gives you a look at the jobs, payroll, output in millions of dollars and franchise establishments in each state’s Congressional districts.

Picking through the statistics is a great way to spend an hour or two. Very much worth your while to check it out.

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