New Year, New You: Marketing Ideas You Didn’t Know Could Help Your Business

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We know you’re ready to start checking things off your 2016 business plan and to-do list, but we’re about to shake it up a bit.

When it comes to marketing, there is often a right way and a wrong way to do it so it’s understandable if you’re a believer of the old “stick to what you know” mantra. But Direct Capital wants to help get you out of that mindset with some new marketing ideas and techniques that can really help your business in 2016. Are you ready?

  1. Think about your social media accounts: We are in the age of technology, so everything we do and say online matters. Not thinking about what you post (or what your employees post) on social media could harm your business and brand. Try to remember that hashtags like #tiredofworking or photos that go against what you want your brand to be sheds a negative light on your company. Ross McCammon of Esquire writes, “I don’t believe people are brands. People are people. When you post about your company, you’re making your company a person too. Ask yourself: ‘Would the company want this information out there if the company were a human being?’”
  2. Become indispensable: Find your niche and wow your audience with it. Ann Handley of MarketingProfs wrote in Entrepreneur Magazine’s December 2015 publication: “The point is to become indispensable to your audience in one specific area via a specific medium or channel.” Pick the one thing you are really good at (videos, blogs, webinars, direct marketing) and rock your customers’ worlds with it. Make it so that, if you stopped doing that one thing, they’d wonder where you went.
  3. Market where your customers are: We know what you’re thinking. Obviously you want to market where your customers are. But that begs the question… do you really know how? Inc. gives a good example. A photographer discovered a lot of her customers frequented one particular bar and, with that knowledge, decided to put up flyers in the bathroom there. This helped her increase her customer base significantly. Marketing to your customers starts with getting to know them. Think outside the traditional marketing box.
  4. Get aligned: Take a look at all of your digital marketing assets and ask yourself if they are up to brand standard. If not, ask yourself “why?” Is it because you don’t have enough time to dedicate to it? Do they underperform? There are a few fixes here. The first, get rid of them. If they don’t perform well and don’t align with your overall messaging strategy, you don’t need them. The second, re-evaluate your messages, tone of voice, and call to actions. See if that helps improve not only the specific channel but also user experience overall.
  5. Optimize for mobile: If you’ve listened to the many marketing experts out there last year and have already updated your marketing for mobile, then you can skip right ahead. But if not, listen up! Ann Handley writes, “The coming year [2016] is without a doubt when the gap will widen between sites that are optimized for mobile and sites that aren’t.” This is especially important if you sell directly online. Look into new website and email marketing templates that will look equally as good (or better) on a mobile device and start the implementation process. And definitely reach out to a marketing team if you need assistance or tips along the way.
  6. Give them something to talk about: Like me, you probably have one TV commercial you love, and one that you just hate, right? But whether we love or hate it, the marketing team that created the ad did their job. They got you talking about it. It’s in your head. When thinking about your marketing this year, ask yourself: what will people remember about it?

We think 2016 is going to be a great year, and we hope that your new and improved marketing efforts will help you see even more success. If you need some extra cash to get these initiatives up and running, Direct Capital can help. Find out how by giving us a call at 866-777-9198 or by clicking on the banner below!

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