National Small Business Week Is In Business

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Few groups are saluted with the same fervor that accompanies small businesses in the United States. That’s because so few groups so richly deserve it.

Small businesses are hailed because they are so vital. Pundits, experts and politicians the nation over have emphasized the role these businesses have to play in the U.S. economic recovery, which is finally gaining some traction after a couple of years of playing at Sisyphus.

That’s why earlier today, President Barack Obama and various federal dignitaries gathered to announce the start of National Small Business Week. It’s a good week to further recognize those businesses with one to a few dozen employees, who do so much in their local communities and provide a sort of economic backbone for the country.

So this week, take a moment to thank a small business owner. If you’re one of them, pat yourself on the back. You deserve that much and more.

Tell us how you’re going to celebrate National Small Business Week, if you would.

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