Coming Soon: A Direct Capital Lending Presentation At NATDA

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If you’re a trailer dealer in North America, chances are that you’re looking for increased sales. Why wouldn’t you be?

That’s where Arthur Kliman comes in. The Senior Strategic Account Manager for Direct Capital will be attending the North American Trailer Dealers Association conference the week of September 3rd and presenting a brand new sales method that will transform the way you do business. If you’re not a trailer dealer, keep in mind that any vendor can use this information to potentially boost sales and have more revenues in-house.

“We believe Arthur’s presentation will open NATDA dealers to a world of lending possibilities, and increase their sales in the process,” said Direct Capital Senior Vice President Stephen Lankler.

With more and more businesses buying equipment and the thought of another economic downturn being a year or so off, this is the prime time to ensure you’re selling your stock and making or exceeding your revenue projections.

While I wouldn’t want to spoil the presentation, here’s what you can expect to see: A guide to commercial financing as opposed to the consumer-based financing commonly used by vendors, the art of presenting more options to customers and how the method can empower your sales team to offer less steep discounts up-front and still intrigue potential buyers with equipment financing. It puts a little more money in your salespeoples’ coffers, too, which never hurts.

The presentation, titled “A Method for Making More Money in a Competitive Market,” will be held Friday, September 6th as part of the dealer education series at NATDA. Let us know if you’re going to attend!

Also, if you’re not going to be attending NATDA but want to hear about this new sales method, stay tuned. We’ll have information from Kliman in the weeks ahead.

What sales method do you use at your small business?


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