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small business online resources
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Do you get overwhelmed with the amount of content being created on every topic imaginable? The amount of information on topics important to small business owners alone could make your head spin on a daily basis.

To help shorten your path to the good stuff, below are several sites that regularly publish high quality content geared towards the topics most important to a small business owner (outside of this blog of course!).

In addition to a summary of each resource, at the end of each section is a link to the corresponding Twitter account. Most of the content for each of the resources discussed below is also available on their Twitter feed.  To make it easier, Direct Capital has created a Twitter list called Small Biz Resources that will show you the feed from all these sources.

  • – In particular,  I find their Answers forum is a great resource to find answers to common small business questions ranging from financing to legal to marketing and everything in between.  Also, don’t miss the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry by answering questions for which you are a subject matter expert. on Twitter
  • Small Business  Trends – If you’ve done any small business research online you’ve likely come across the fantastic resource put together by its editor, Anita Campbell.  The articles featured by the experts who contribute to the site are always timely, well written and packed with useful information. Small Business Trends on Twitter.
  • LinkedIn – This popular business networking site has lots of great tools.  While the discussions section of LinkedIn Groups can be helpful, many of the them have turned into 1-way postings by members pushing their products or service srather than the 2-way discussion they were intended for.  For a more useful LinkedIn experience, jump over to LinkedIn Answers and post your question there, answer a question or search their database of already answered questions. LinkedIn on Twitter.
  • The Franchise King BlogJoel Libava is a franchising expert whose blog provides great information on not only franchising but on small business ownership in general.  He has a straight forward and entertaining approach that makes for good reading as well as great advice that you don’t have to work at to pull out. The Franchise King on Twitter.
  • NFIB – The National Federation of Independent Business site is great for keeping up on what is happening around small business issues in the political arena, both nationally and on a state by state basis.  They also publish helpful general knowledge articles focused on small business topics. Membership in the NFIB is required to access some resources but there is plenty of content available for free.  NFIB on Twitter.

Did I miss any? What other resources do you use?

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