Modernize Your Business with a POS System

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Provide Better Customer Service with Updated Systems

Attention experienced small business owners: The times are a’changing. No longer is it enough to have a cash register for your business.

Shocking, right? A cash register seems like it’s the only thing your business needs, as it holds the cash and processes every transaction. You may have other systems and procedures in place to handle the rest of the business needs – tracking inventory and purchases, handling scheduling and attendance, among many other things. You do it the way you’ve been comfortable with for all these years, whether or not it is the most efficient way, because you like the current operations and don’t necessarily want to disrupt that structure. But, at Direct Capital, we think you should – and here’s why.

Why It’s Time to Upgrade to a POS System

The task of switching over your business operations to new software can be overwhelming at first. Your team has to learn how to use it, you have to transfer all of your bookkeeping records, accounting information, and inventory counts, and all while keeping business afloat.

But the reality is, it’s now or never. In 2015 and in years to come, your business will rely on and need a POS system more than you ever have before, so it’s best to jump on the installation as soon as possible.

Below are the benefits of switching to a POS system to help modernize your small business:

  1. Financing your POS system has never been easier: Gone are the days of not only cash registers, but needing to pay for equipment like POS systems up front. With our Point of Sale financing option, you can free up your business’ working capital to use on other expenses, while reaping the revenue benefits your POS system can bring. We can also add soft costs into the finance agreement, helping you pay for shipping, training, and installation. Just give our office a call to get started!
  2. Options for an Open POS system: Open Point of Sale systems allow you to easily customize your POS platform to meet your individual business needs. It can be difficult to rearrange your business to meet the needs of the POS system you’ve chosen, but with these systems you can decide how it operates, and use it what you need it for. You can quickly and easily integrate new solutions without having to revamp your entire system each time. Plus, the data you collect on the Open POS platforms can be turned into valuable insights you can use to better you and your employees’ performance – such as sales trends, customer data, employee performance, and more.
  3. Stock better products that increase revenue: Of course you want to carry all the items your customers need, but there are probably some you should be pushing more than others because in the end you’ll gain more profit from them. uses this example: You may find that you sell 10,000 batteries for $.50 each that cost you $.48, and that you sell 100 flashlights for $9.95 each that cost you $1.98. Which item are you going to try to stock and sell more of? POS systems give you the data you need to help increase your sales and ensure you are purchasing the right product to do so.
  4. Build your customer contact list: Quite simply, you can often use your POS system to gather customer name, address, and/or email address so you can better target your marketing efforts. On a more personal level, you can use the information to refer to your customers by their first name and build a greater relationship with them.
  5. Accuracy in pricing: If your cash registers are dated – and we mean really dated – then items without price tags on them may cause you some headache. If your store clerks aren’t sure what the prices are of certain items – and they don’t have a way of scanning them into the computer – then the end result will be long line times and unhappy customers. Make the whole process simplified and streamlined with a POS system. All of the prices are tracked as soon as they get entered in to the system (and if you have a sale, you can update the price instantly)!
  6. Provide greater customer service: POS terminals make checking out much faster and easier. Whether you have barcode scanning abilities or SKU numbers to work off of, having a computerized system makes the customer experience ten times better.

It’s time to modernize your business with the installation of a POS terminal. For more information on how you can finance these systems, call Direct Capital today at 866-777-0117 or fill out the form linked below!